700 Words Essay on Vacation – Fun Time or Learning Time?

How eagerly do we all look forward to the summer vacations as a dream and of repose and relief from text books! It happens once every year, and this year has been no different.

Now the current edition of this dreamland is here, and already we are bored stiff and sleepy and wishing something interesting would happen.

The first few days were bliss and passed just as we had imagined they would pass; but now we are tired of yawning and seeing movies and reading novels and the heart aches for a change.

Nothing ever happens. And nothing will, for the gods are not likely to exert themselves to provide us with entertainment. Obviously, if we want the holidays to live up to their promise, we shall have to do something about it ourselves.

Nor is it as difficult a proposition as it sounds. It only means that we have to keep ourselves busy, doing the things we want to, at the time and in the way we want to do them. Going to a hill-station or to your grandfather’s place is not the only way to having fun. Your own home town is not as bad a place as you imagine it to be.


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May be, it is not as much fun as trekking in the hills, but it is definitely good enough for taking away the boredom of a young person who has nothing to do.

A young person who has nothing to do! What a contradiction in terms! Youth should be vibrant, full of energy and activity. John F. Kennedy in his young days played football for his college, read four books a week, went round Europe as his father’s observer and wrote a book, which became a best seller before he was twenty- five. We may not be able to write best sellers but we can at least prove that we are not going to let our faculties rot!

So take out a sheet of paper and pencil and jot down what you are going to do these two months. What are the things that you have always wanted to do, but have never got down to for some reason or the other? You wanted to write a story for some magazine or, may be, a poem? You wanted to read that book by that famous author?


To learn how to swim? To learn horse-riding? To learn typing and shorthand? Make a pen friend in a foreign country? To learn a foreign language? To learn ballroom dancing? To take a correspondence course in interior decoration or radio repair? To slim down? To develop a he-man body or to learn music?

All these things can be done in two months to some extent, and you can do six of them together not only these, but any other things that your individually has led you to acquire a taste for. None of them is difficult, and each one will be of help to you some time in your later life.

Each one is highly interesting, if you are really interested. Even such a thing as typing, which may seem extremely dull, is very interesting, once you get down to it. To let you into a secret, when I was learning typing, I did not wish to leave the typewriter when my one hour was up!’

Finally, there is one every interesting things that each one of us can do, and that everyone would like to do. That is to make money. Money! Who does not want more money? Millionaires try to become multi-millionaires. Money makes the world go round. Sometime or other, everyone feels pinch of Annual Union budget.


And then one wishes one could somehow get hold of enough money one needs. So this year, why not try to make some money in the vacations?

Think of all the things you could do with it: buy new clothes, records, books, see plays and movies, or just save for some future date when you could put all your accumulated savings into some big purchase. Or maybe, if the financial situation at home is tight, you could make your parents very happy by handing over your earnings to them.

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