A short Essay on A Visit to the Museum

The other day I visited the museum along with some of my friends. It is housed in a grand building surrounded by beautiful parks. There were life-size statues of the Lord Buddha on each side of the gate.

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We went in. The museum presented a variety of scenes and sights. It was divided into various sections. In one section there were masterpieces of art and craft. In another there were paintings, sculptures, and numerous specimen of pottery and embroidery. In the third we saw earthenwares, vessels and toys of the prehistoric period. Most of them had been (brought from Harappa and Mohanjodaro.

In another section theft was an art gallery containing beautiful pictures and portraits depicting the scenes of Mughal life. In still another section we were surprised to see the ornaments worn by the women during different periods of Indian history, coins of various kings and specimens of metalware, carpets and agricultural implements used at different times. In one corner of the museum we were amused to see the arms and weapons used by the ancient rulers. There were bows, sheaths, armours, clubs, helmets and swords used by the warriors of the past. It was quite interesting to see the great contrast between the modem weapons and those used in the past.


At the farthest end of the building we saw a collection of stuffed mammals animal and reprifes. Though lifeless, the collection struck awe in our hearts. We stayed at the museum for over two hours. As I ctame out, I felt that the museum is, indeed a storehouse of objects of antiquity arts and crafts. It acquaints us with the dim, forgotten past of our country. It was in this way that we gathered a mine of information to add to our knowledge of the history of our country.

We could now visualise the type of dress our warriors would have put on at the time of Alexander’s invasion of India and the weapons they must have used then. The visit to the museum gave us an idea of the splendour of the court of the time of the great Mughals from the specimens of decorative materials—carpets, rugs, chandeliers, shades and lamps, etc. decorating the walls of the museum. The visit too gave us a first hand knowledge of animals for their stuffed specimens.

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