Advantages and Disadvantages of having a Telephone

The telephone is a necessity of modern times. There is every day we need to ring our friends, relatives and other acquaintances. There are public telephone booths here and there but they are most inconvenient and troublesome. There is always a rush and waiting for one’s turn is the most unbearable.

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All these considerations weighed on our minds and we requested father to apply for a telephone under own your telephone (O.Y.T.) Scheme. My father agreed and applied for the telephone connection. Fortunately, a new exchange had been opened with ten thousand lines and our turn came just within a year and we could expect the installation of the telephone in our house.

The happy day came when the telephone was duly installed. There was no need now for us to walk a long distance for the public telephone booth. But very soon the telephone became irksome to us. There were calls for others and the telephone was most often busy. We avoided it as far as possible but there was no way to prevent our neighbours from disturbing us day in and day out.


Very soon the charm of having a telephone faded and we began to keep the telephone locked. In spite of the advantage that we had, we were worried by out-of-the-way calls. Our neighbours did not hesitate to come to make a call to someone or the other at all hours of the day. Sometimes, when we are resting or are taking our meals, the telephone begins to ring. When we pick up the receiver we find that we are supposed to wake our neighbor and send for him. It is the most troublesome thing to do.

Another thing that irked us was the heavy bill say Rs. 100 per, month and the installation fee of Rs. 300 but we were prepared for it when we decided to go in for it. The telephone has been of great advantage all the same. I have a number of friends and I can ring them up in times of urgent need. The other day I forgot to write down my home task. I rang up my friend and noted down the home-task. There was one day an urgency in the house. My mother fell ill. At once we rang up the doctor for consultation. Telephone is of great use in emergency.

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