Controversial essay on the disadvantages of staying out of India

During the days of British rule, those who had been to England were highly honored on their return to their motherland. To be “England Returned” was a sign of great merit even though the person concerned might have been their only for a few months. This salve-mentality still persist. Many a young man and woman still hankers after a visit to some foreign country, be it England, the USA, or any other. Those who go out try to get settled in the country of their choice, and return home most unwillingly.

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Such people do not take into account the many disadvantages of their staying out of their motherland. They get used to the luxury and comforts which they enjoy in the foreign country, and which are not possible in a poor country like India. Indian must work hard and move forward on many fronts before they can catch up with the other countries of the world. Their desire to stay out of Indian is unpatriotic. As only the highly qualified go out of the country, this result in brain-drain. The technical skill and knowledge which ought to have gone to the making of the India of Gandhi’s dreams, benefits other countries and not their motherland. Their staying out of Indian is unpatriotic; instead of using their talent in the service of their own country, they allow other countries to exploit it to their own advantages.

When such people return home after their prolonged stay outside, they are ever-critical of their own homeland, and the king of life they are compelled to lead. They year for the luxurious to which they have got used, and as they are not possible in a poor country like India, they remain unhappy and dissatisfied.


Beside, Indian who stay out in foreign countries are usually looked down upon. They do not enjoy any honor or prestige but are hated and frequently insulted. Everyone knows of the race riots in Great Britain, and of the humiliations to which women migrating to England have recently been subjected. Indians in England feel highly insecure and are treated as second class citizens. Rules and regulations in this respect have become more and more stringent. In Uganda thousand of Indian were mercilessly kicked out only a few years ago. It is now very different to get a ‘green-card’ – which indicate American citizenship – conferred on a foreign in the U.S.A. This is so because the foreign countries have their own problems. Unemployment is on the increase everywhere and the arrival of foreigners adds to their problem. Hence Indian who stay out lose their dignity and self-respect.

However, this is only one side of the picture. The migration of Indians to other countries carried with it, its own advantages. Unemployment is widespread in the country, and migrate to foreign countries helps a lot in solving this problems. Besides, Indians who stay out contribute a lot to the building up to those countries. Thus, Indians in Arab countries have made significant contribution to the economic, social and industrial development of those countries. Deserts have been transformed into flourishing cities, and large modernized industrial complexes have sprung up in countries which had not even dreamed of them till only few years ago. They constitute the ‘brain bank’ on which India can depend in case of need. Besides, Indians aboard send regular remittance to their relatives at home. This helps to solve the country’s foreign exchange problem. In this way, they make their own contribution to the economic well bring of their motherland.

In short, Indian may stay out, but they should do so only in countries where they are welcomed and treated with due respect. Besides, while staying abroad they should not forget their own motherland. Rather, they should work as messengers of friendship and goodwill.

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