Descriptive Essay on a Visit to a Zoo

The rain had been failing continuously for the last three or four days. We had been virtually imprisoned in our rooms. Some of my friends and I decided to enjoy this Sunday thoroughly. We started 10 A.M and reached the Edward Memorial Zoological Garden, Lucknow, at 11. A.M.

ZOO - Ginger Jam

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As we entered the gate, we noticed two [airs of monkeys of a special type. Standing near the boundary, some small children were giving them bananas. These monkeys, know as Gorillas, walked like man to take them. There chattering was also, more or less, similar to the voice of man. They could imitate the various actions of man. One of them walked with a stick in his hand. They interested us very much. In fact, gorillas and chimpanzees are the nearest relations of man in hierarchy of evolution.

Just a few steps ahead, on the left hand, we saw the bird’s section. They were kept in very large enclosures surrounded by wire gauze. Inside the enclosures, there were trees, a small tank, a few water-pots etc. There were birds of numerous types. They attracted us very much. Their multicolored winds and different notes were very charming. Some ducks and cranes were swimming in the tank. Cranes looked very beautiful. We also saw two ostriches. They were white with beautiful red, long necks. The neck could be thrown out to a long distance like a spring. We liked them very much.


Then we turned towards the right hand. There were large enclosures with very strong and big iron gates. Though the iron bars of the gates we could see a pair of big lions. They very sight of them was frightening. Few small cubs were also playing inside it. But the condition of the lions was quite pitiable. It was other chambers, close to this chamber, there were panthers and tigers. They also did not appear to be quite comfortable inside their enclosures.

To the right of these enclosures, we observed a large trench. In some parts of if there was water. Tress were also growing in it. At first sight, it appeared to be a neglected area. But when we came near it and observed more keenly, we found at some distance a big Rhinoceros walking freely in it. We were told by a guide that its skin in very tough. A bullet could not pierce it. It would be rebounded. It was used for making shields. We were all surprised to learn this. Indeed, it was a frightful animal which we have never seen before.

One thing which we observed there, was the feeding arrangement for the different animals. The zoo authorities gave the most suitable diet to the different animals. Lions and other meat -eaters were given meat. Birds were given food grains which they liked. Those animals which liked to eat grass and green leaved, were left in grassy field. Thus they were kept in the most natural way. Still some of the animals who are great freedom lovers did not like artificial arrangement which were provided for them.

After spending about four hours in the Zoo, we decided to return. I felt that a great a addition has been made to my knowledge. Thus Zoo is a place of education as well s of entertainment. It may be suggested in the end that the animals kept in a Zoo must be treated sympathetically. Big animals, like the lions, leopards, etc, should be given their fill of food. They should not be kept hungry.

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