Essay on Cowards Die Several Times Before Death

Man is mortal. Death touches all, the rich and the poor, the young and the old and the ruler and the ruled. Nobody knows what happens after death. One dies leaving behind everything one has. Death has been the subject of study of many researchers, scientist, philosophers and thinkers.

A brave man puts up a brave front when he faces any danger. He is always prepared for the unexpected. he can overcome any situation. Cowards, one the other hand, are unable to face dangerous situations. They runaway from all dangers. They fear death. Hence, it has been said that cowards die several times before death. Death is an inevitable part of life. A brave man lives life to the full, while a coward kills his conscience several times before the actual death. This is because a coward runs away from all dangers.

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Human existence is full of risks and dangers. One may be exposed to danger anywhere. It may be at the workplace, home, road etc. The traffic on the road has become unruly which poses a threat to life. Bomb blasts have become a common affair at certain places. A brave man ignores such unexpected dangers. He is adventurous enough to risk his life to achieve his goals. A coward, on the other hand, sits and broods. He depresses himself and also those who are associated with him.


The brave are always willing to take risks. Mangal Pandey was brave enough to challenge the British rule. He was aware of the consequence, but sacrificed his life for the freedom of the country. The freedom fighters were punished harshly by the British, they didn’t give up their goal. They felt proud to be a part of the freedom struggle. It is this spirit which forced the British to leave India. Cowards lack such initiatives. They fear punishment. They can’t contribute to the society.

A brave man strives for success single-handedly. No defeat can make him lose hope. One such incident is the meeting between Alexander and Porus. Porus was defeated by Alexander and brought before the later in chains. Alexander asked him as to what treatment should await him as a prisoner. Porus promptly replied that he expected Alexander to treat him in the manner a king would treat another king. In such cases, a coward would lose all hope. He would not have the courage to give such answers.

A cowards can’t face a crisis. He runs away from it. A brave man confronts danger boldly . In doing so, he gains self confidence and earns respect. One can do an act of bravery at the age of eight or eighty. Bravery knows no age. Every year, the nation gives bravery awards to children who display great courage and save the lives of those in danger. They risk their own lives for others. They, thereby, earn fame, glory and national acclaim.

The brave don’t waste their time to brood over matters. They believe in action. They live in the present and have no fear of the future. Their courageous attitude enables them to love life to the full. They don’t worry about the future. They don’t get disheartened by adverse circumstances. They enjoy life because they accept each day as it approaches.


The cowards are often unable to live in the present. They brood over the past. They remain pessimistic about the future. Fear of the unexpected and fear of the future make them depressed. They lose their self-confidence. They can’t face adverse circumstances boldly. They often blame others for their inaction. They hardly enjoy life. They always see the negative side of life. Because of this attitude they can never do anything in life. They are afraid of coming danger and never take risk. That is why they hardly succeed in anything they do.

Life is full of uncertainties. Dangers and difficulties are a par of life. One should be bold and courageous enough to face all the problems and difficulties of life. We should never be afraid of facing the challenges because challenges are often the best tools for empowerment. If we dream, we must have courage to turn dreams into reality. We should be consistent in our efforts and endeavors. Our courage shouldn’t be shaken by failures. On the contrary failures should form a foundation for us to dream again. One who doesn’t accept this reality is a coward. One should not act as a coward. One should act as a coward, otherwise, he would not die once but several times before death.

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