Essay on A Pleasant Dream – If I were a Multi millionaire

Money is only a means and not and end in itself. But some people begin to consider it the end of all activities. Then it becomes the master of their thoughts and actions. Such people are very selfish. They never think of the good of others. I had always wished for a large amount of money so that I may used it not only for my own personal good, but also for the welfare of the public. I have may own plans for using such a huge amount but I cannot put them into practice as I have no money.

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Once I dreamed that a rich relative had dies and left me all his wealth. In the way, I had at once become multimillionaire. I then dreamed that I was using this money according to my schemes of social welfare. In may town there is not facility for medical education. Nor are there adequate facilities for the treatment of the sick. My first act of public good, which I dreamed, was to provide a medical college and a first class public hospital for the free treatment of the poor. I dreamed that the college and the hospital founded by me were a model for the whole-country.

Ignorance is the root cause of all social evils. Next good thing which I dreamed of was that I opened more schools to remove illiteracy. beside general education, provision was also made for technical education. I also dreamed, that all these institutions were well managed and well maintained.


In my town there is no arrangement for the bringing up of young orphans. Many widows are also throw on the streets by the bad treatment of their relatives. Their lives become wretched. Similarly, many old, crippled and sick persons do not have anybody to look after them. I dreamed that I established separate homes for the orphans, the windows, and the disabled. I dreamed that this freed my town from various social activities.

In winter, I often see the poor shivering with cold. They don’t have woolen clothes. It is all due to their poverty. In my dream I made arrangement for the free distribution of blankets, quilts, jackets, etc, to the needy and the poor.

According to the good, old tradition of my country, in my dream I also decided to get constructed a ‘Dharmashala’. Persons coming from outside would find shelter in it. Marriage parties would also find a goof place to stay in. Beside this, I decided to make arrangements for a good ‘Gausahla’ also.

My dream of improving the conditions of my locality and helping the poor didn’t end with the above programme. Anybody coming to my door in search of food was not to go away disappointed. Food and food grains were to be given daily to the poor and the hungry. In my dream, I decided to try my best to help every individual who was in trouble.


This is the most pleasant dream that I have ever dreamed in my life. By God’s grace and by the good wishes of the people, if ever I become a multi-millionaire, or happen to be fortunate enough to get a legacy of few crores of rupees, I will spend it in the manner mentioned above.

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