Essay On A Scene At The Railway Station For School Students

A little before the arrival of the train, the station is busy place. Wherever you go you find a crowd of people. In front of the 2nd class booking office window stands a long line of passengers who wait for their turn to get tickets.

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They are pushing one another to reach the window. If there is a policeman to control them, they behave better. They no longer elbow one another.

At the Platform


At the platform a large number of passengers are waiting for the train. Some of them are sitting on the benches. Others are sitting on the bare ground or on their own boxes or trunks. Some are going up and down the platform. Every now and then they look in the direction from which the train is to come. When the distance single light is yellow, all feel happy. They are now certain that the train must come in short time. As soon as they catch sight of the smoke rising from the engine, they get ready and stand up. Some passengers carry their bundles on their heads, while others hold them under their arm pits. Some whose luggage is too heavy to be carried by them, engage coolies for this purpose.

Scene at the arrival of the train :

When the train arrives, all are anxious to get and occupy a seat. The passengers who want to get down at the station open the doors. Others who are to get into the train, try to get into the train. Thus a deadlock is created. After better counsels take place the in-going passengers make way for the out-going ones and let them pass. There is on room enough for a few passengers in every compartment, but not enough for all the passengers. Thus who get in, sit in their seats or remain standing. Other run up and down the platform to find a vacant seat. When they fail to get any seat inside, they catch hold of the handle outside some carriage and stand at the footboard.

Actives of the Staff:


Members of the station staff are busy with their duties. The ticket collector is at the gate. He collects tickets from the passengers who have detrained. The waterman pace up down the platform with buckets full of water. The hawkers go up and down with their wares placed in trays. All are in a hurry for presently the train will depart.

After the departure of the train :

When the train has left, the crow melts away. The hawkers go to some other platform. They no longer cry. The watermen go to their cabins. The station staff retire to their rooms. The platform which was full of life a minute before. becomes a dull place.

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