Essay on Essential Qualities of a Great Leader

It is a common saying that great men are born and not made. So is the case of the hero. A man who rises himself above the common people and has some outstanding qualities that creates for himself some place in history. A hero is moved by some noble ideal and is truly devoted to it. In fact, such great man have always been the true strength of a country and shall always continues to be so.

All the stage of life there appear some outstanding figures from time to time. We all say that man is the slave of his surroundings. But the hero is not governed by his surroundings. He tries to change the course of history by giving a new turn to the life and deeds of such persons. We call such great men national heroes.

We cannot think of great leader without some essential qualities. In fact, it is the combination of a number of qualities in an individual which gives him the honor of becoming the national hero. Such qualities are as follows.

Every hero must be sincerely and honestly devoted to a noble cause. While working for the cause he must not think of himself. He must be extremely selfless. His action must be for the benefit of the people and society and for the whole nation and not for some personal gains. Examples from Indian history may be given to illustrate this. Raja Ram Mohan Rai worked for some reforms. He was not concerned about himself but was pained to see the miserable plight of young window. They were forced to burn themselves at the pyre of their husbands. He fought hard to eradicate this social evil and thus he became a national hero. Thus he has become immortal. Everyone of us admires him.

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Beside having a goal before himself, a hero must be willing to face the most difficult situation. Ordinary persons show weakness and lose courage in times of difficulties. Thus they fail to achieve their aim. But a true hero is always ready and willing to sacrifice even his life for the sake of his ideals. We all know about the great scarifies which Netaji made to make India free. He resigned from I.C.S service which was the highest honor for an Indian to dream of during the British rule. Later on, he did not mind leaving his own dear motherland and living outside to fight for her freedom. Indian will ever remain indebt to this great son of hers.

The thought and actions of the hero should have far-reaching effect. They should not only change the present conditions but should also effect the future generations. The example of Mahatma Gandhi is before us. His words and actions would continue to guide us in times to come.

A real leader must have a well thought our programme before himself. It is only through such a programme that he can inspire confidence among the people. To make India really strong and prosperous, our beloved Prime Minister, late Pandit Nehru, evolved different programes for increasing production. He was a great Indian hero.


Preaching alone is not enough. A hero should not only preach but also practice what he preaches. Only such persons, who are ready to work for their fellow-men can win over the confidence of the masses. This is a great quality which a hero should possess. Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the Nation, never asked his people to do anything which he himself would not do. He was able to lead the country to success.

Thus we see that a man, who has got great courage, far-sightedness and devotion to some cause, is different from the ordinary people. Such persons do noble deeds. They work for the benefit of the whole nation and win admiration and respect from the people. They are ready for maximum sacrifice. Our own history is full of bright examples of such heroes.

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