Essay On Hostel Life of A Student !

Hostel is a place where food and lodging are provided for students or certain groups of workers or tourists. Life in a hostel is different from the life in a home.

Generally a student stays in a hostel when his residence is located far from his educational institution. Life in a hostel makes a student self-dependent. It makes him smart, active and disciplined.

A hostel is controlled by a warden. The warden guides the students. He sees whether the rules of the hostel are being followed or not. Though the warden is there to look after them yet they have their own way. They have to study and do their duties themselves.

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A hostel has a mess which at times is run on a co-operative basis. Food is served in the mess. The washer man and the barber visit the hostel regularly. Some students wash their own clothes. Others give their clothes to the washer man.

A hostel has a common room. Here, the students assemble together to watch television. They also discuss in groups about the daily events, politics, current issues etc. A hostel generally has a library. Many hostels have reading halls adjacent to the library. A hostel has facilities for indoor games. Some hostels have facilities for outdoor games also like basketball, volleyball, badminton etc. Unlike a hostel meant for student, a hostel for workers and tourist may not have these facilities. Thus, in a hostel, a student can develop his mind and body.

Various types of students are found in a hostel. Some are very studious. They always remain busy in their studies. Some are mischievous. They give little time to studies. They spend their time moving around, playing and bullying others or making fun of others, Students shouldn’t misuse their time. They should utilize their time in studies, games, debates, group discussions and other such fruitful activities.

Students of various communities and religion, stay together in a hostel. Thus helps them to know about the various cultures of different regions. They develop a sense of unity in diversity and broaden their outlook. Thy learn the lesson of co-operation.


Students learn many things in the hostel. They help one another in the hour of need. They become enduring friends. They learn to become independent. In hostel, students have to live accordingly to the rules of hostel. They have to wake up on time, sleep on times, have food on time, study on time etc. This helps them in maintaining discipline in their life style.

In hostel, students have to do a number of works by themselves like taking of their belonging, washing their clothes, arranging their beds etc. This helps them to be self-reliant. They learn what is right and what is wrong. Here, they do not depend on their parents. They depend on themselves. School children staying in hostel are guided by wardens and teachers. The adults are masters of themselves. Hostel life make the students life regular and systematic.

Student of educational institution may face problems in hostel in the beginning. Ragging generally takes place in a hostel. Senior Students make fun of junior students. Unfortunately, at times, ragging crosses all limits of decency. Effective steps need to be taken to ban ragging.

There are also chances of students going astray in hostels. They should be properly guided by the hostel authorities. Students stay away from their parents in a hostel. They carve for the love and affection of their parents. They feel homesick. Some student who are not very good at studies, in the absence of proper guidance’s, may neglect their studies. Some students may feel themselves free from all bondages and master their won will as they are away from their parents. In such aces students may choose evil company and form bad habits. Parents should visit them regularly and give them emotional support and guidance.


Students face life practically on their own in a hostel. Life in a hostel instills confidence in them. They develop their personality. They learn to face the problems in life. They learn to self-disciplined, regular and punctual. They develop a feeling of respect for other religions and culture. They learn to help and cooperate one another. They learn social etiquette and lead a better and disciplined life. Hostel life thus helps them to develop many good qualities and make the students good citizens.

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