An essay on If i get a thousand rupee Note

I hail from a poor family. It has not been in my luck to possess lots of money just like the rich. Seldom have I been in possession of a couple of rupees in my pocket. Nor do I have any fancy for it. I am a student and my sole concern is to be a good student and I have been doing it so far with success. I, however, do feel handicapped for want of good books. It is then that I feel the pinch. I am sorely upset when I cannot get the book in the library. How I wish I had my own book!

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I am not easily upset. Moreover, I have faith in the Almighty. I believe that He will place in my hands some money with which I shall fulfil my long-felt needs. I am engaged in solving crossword puzzles in the hope that I will some day bag a small prize with which I shall fulfil my needs.

If it is my good fortune to get a thousand rupee note. I will not squander it away but utilize it in the best possible manner. I will, in the first instance, spend a part of it in buying books which I need badly. I roughly need Rs 350/- to purchase the books I need. With the Rs 650/-  I shall be left with, I shall purchase a shirt a half-paint, a pair of boots and a pair of socks. These articles will complete my school outfit. I shall have fifteen rupees left with me. I shall keep this money for emergency. How ardently I wish this small sum of money to be placed in my hands! How carefree it would make me!

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