Essay On My School Garden For Students

Every school does not possess a garden. The schools which are built in the heart of city have generally no gardens. Our school is situated outside the city. We are lucky in having big and beautiful garden.

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Description of the Garden :

Our school garden is just in front of the school building. It occupies about ten acres of land. There is a high boundary wall all around it and a road passes in the middle of it. It is rectangular and an iron gate in the middle.


Fruit Trees :

In one part of the garden there are trees like mango, guava and orange. All these tress are of best quality. They were brought from different parts of India. Our mangoes an guavas are the sweetest of all in the whole of the city. They are very famous far and wide for their taste and color. There are about hundred trees of each. Fruits are sold every to some fruit seller on lease. They are sold to the school students at a cheap price fixed by the principal.

Seasonal Flower Plants and Nature Study Plots :

In the other part of the garden there are seasonal flower plants. Such plants are not permanent. They last for about six months in the year. In one corner of the garden there are nature-study plots for lower classes. There are about 500 flower-pots which are looked after by students. in this part there are rose bushes all along the road side. There are some other beds of colored flowers of various kinds. In the center there is a big grassy lawn. It adds to the beauty of the garden. There is a good arrangement of water their plants in the leisure time in the morning and evening. Small children like these work very much. They take keen interest in it. Three gardeners also take care of the garden. They work day and night in it.


Advantage :

This garden of ours is a boon to students. Small children improve their health by working in their plots. They feel an inner peace and happiness when they see their little plants growing bigger and bearing beautiful flowers. Thus this garden, along with education gives health, strength and happiness to small children.

We often sit in the evening on the grassy lawn and enjoy the sight of pretty flowers. The sweet scent of the flowers and buds cheer our heart and mind. On Sundays we catch beautiful butterflies flying on the pleasant sunshine on the mango trees. How pleasant it looks when we run after them from bush to bush! What a noise we all make when we catch a butterflies in the net!

Conclusion :


During the rainy season we enjoy the merry notes of the cuckoo on the mango trees, and the chipping of birds in the rose bushes. The grassy lawn appears to us as if God Almighty has spread green velvet on the ground.

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