Essay On School Picnic

A picnic is a short trip for pleasure to a beautiful place. Picnics add spice to out life. They provided the much sought after relief from our routine life.

They refresh out tired nerves. Picnics give students a temporary relief from their studies. After enjoying a picnic, they feel fresh and take up their studies with renewed vigor. Every school and college arranges picnics for its students.

Delhi is the capital of India. It is a beautiful city. The popular picnic spots in Delhi are the Talkatora Gardens, Roshanara Bagh, Qudasia Garden, Buddha Jayanti park. India Gate, Nehru Park, Lodhi Garden, The Garden of Five Senses etc. These places are full of trees and plants of different varieties, where one can play or just lie and relax.

Kerala Association of Colorado – Picnic 2015

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Last week , the headmaster of our school offered to take us, the 36 students of class IX to ‘The Garden of Five Senses’, Mehrauli for a picnic one a Sunday. Our class teacher, Mr Banerjee organized this picnic. Students contributed Rs 50 each for the complete tour.
A bus was taken on hire from Delhi Transport Corporation to carry the students from the school (Nehru Place) to Mehrauli and bring them back to school. All the students of class IX reached the school on Sunday before 8:00 am. The bus also arrived on time. The class teacher asked the students to board the bus and take their seats. The first three front seats were reserved for the headmaster, our class teacher, Mr Banerjee and the class monitor, Mr. Raju. The bus left at 8:15 am. We reached ‘The Garden of Five Senses’, Mehrauli at 9:00 am. The journey was very comfortable.

The students were very happy as they would have a free day to enjoy themselves. They were all wearing fashionable dresses and looking smart and cheerful. Our class teacher and Raju go the entry tickets for all of us from the entry gate.

‘The Garden of Five Senses’ is situated in Said-ul-Ajaib village near Mehrauli. There is a majestic view of the Qutub Minar and the Chattarpur temple in the background. The bamboo rest shades delight the senses. There are almost 2000 varieties of plants in ‘Khaas Bagh’. Remarkable terracotta pots by famous artists, sculptures, fragrant trees and shrubs, etc, adorn the place. There are also solar powered buses, bicycles and cars at the ‘Solar Energy Park’.

The blue Lilies were in full bloom. The bushes and the wind chime tress creating music in the area was a beautiful sight to watch. All the students sat on the lush green ground in the open sunshine. Light refreshment was provided. All the students were served with sandwiches and apple juice. One the headmaster suggestion, some recreational activities were organized. Poem recitation, mono-acting, extempore speeches, jokes, songs, dances etc, were performed by the students. All the students actively participated in it.


The Programme went on will. At 1:30 p.m, the monitor along with three other students served the lunch packets to everyone. After lunch, we relaxed for sometime. The lunch was very delicious. The headmaster announced that all have to leave the picnic spot at 5:00 p.m. He ordered that all should board the bus by 4:45 pm. Till then, the students were free to do whatever they liked. They felt like free birds. They scattered in groups. Some went to ‘Khaas Bagh’, some to ‘Trail of Fragrance’ etc. A few students sat down under the shade if a tree and started playing cards while few others started playing chess and ludo. A group of four students played their transistors and tape recorders. They played Indian and Western Music. They danced and clapped along with the music.

At 4:30 p.m, Raju, the class monitor requested everyone to move towards the bus. The students wanted to spend some more time at the beautiful spot, but they had to obey the order of their headmaster and the request of their monitor. After all the students has boarded the bus, Raju counted them so that no one was left behind. The bus started off at 5:00 p.m. Light refreshment was provided in the bus. We were all served with hot samosas and coffee. Raju and our class teacher got them from a restaurant on the way.

We reached back our school at 5:45 p.m. The Picnic thus came to an end. But its memory will last forever.

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