Essay on The Baisakhi Festival for school and college students

The Baisakhi festival is a seasonal festival. It is celebrated all over the Punjab and Haryana by all classes of people. Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs all take part in this celebration. It falls in he first day of baisakh. It falls every year in the 13th of April. On this day people put on new clothes. They prepare Halawa and several tasty things at home.


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Baisakhi Fair

A fair is held everywhere in connection with the Baisakhi festival. The site of the fair is a place which is religiously famous. Generally the fair is held by the side of a river. The religious body is in charge of the fair.


A day before the fair there seen a regular bazaar. There are stalls of sweet, toys fruits on either side of it. On Baisakhi day there is great rush in the fair. There is no place in the fair without visitors. In the fair the crowd is so great that you cannot meet with it even in the over crowded cities. You cannot elbow your way through it easily.


On one side of the bazaar merry-go-rounds attract the people. They whirl in the air with children and boys of all ages sitting them. The boys enjoy their rides. Near them are the rope dancers. They do their feats on the rope. The moneys men make their monkeys show the same feats as were shown by their forefathers about a hundred years ago.

Country Dance


On the other side of the bazaar crowd of people can be seen standing on a circle. In the middle there is a group of villagers. They are mostly farmers. They are giving a show of their country dance with the beating of drum. Each one of these villagers has a stick in his hand. These sticks are raised in the air as the dancers lift both hands and raise their legs. They cry,. Gone is Baisakhi, Gone in Baisakhi. The sight is worth seeing. The excitement and enthusiasm of the dancers are very great. So many of onlookers forget there sense of shyness and join the dancers. The dance is wild indeed.

Shamianas of Religious Parties

Side by side with these means of amusement arrangement are made for the elderly people who are serious and religious minded. Hindus, Arya Samajist and Sikhs have out up their Shamianas under which they are giving lecture on religion and are signing hymns. The number of the people who are listening to them is small. It is much smaller as compared with huge crowd gathered around the dancers to enjoy the dance. Those people who gather under the Shamianas do not care for the worldly attachments. They go on with their duty.



By the time evening drawn near, people get tired. They are glad to return home with sweets, toys and fruits for their children for the next day.

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