Essay On The Benefits of Medical Science

Researches in medical science have benefited mankind immensely. Medical science provides remedies, cures and safeguards man against various diseases. Different countries have different systems of medicine. Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Acupressure etc. are becoming popular today.

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Diseases like cholera, polio, malaria, pox etc. have almost been eradicated. Once considered incurable, diseases like cance and tuberculosis, can be cured today. Organ transplants, brain surgeries, use of artificial limbs and organs, genetic engineering and cloning can be done easily. Medical science also lays emphasis on cleanliness and a balanced diet. It has its negative sides also but those can be taken care of. In fact, medical science has made life healthier, happier and longer than before.

Man always wishes to remain healthy. The saying, ‘Health is wealth’ is absolutely true. Medical science has been of great help to man against various diseases. Medical science has helped in the proper working of the human machine.


Man has been suffering from various diseases since time immemorial. He has done intensive research to find cures and remedies for those diseases. This gave birth to different systems of medicine in different parts of the world. These are the Egyptian system, the Chinese system, the Indian system (Ayurveda), the German system (Homeopathy) and the Western system (Allopathy). Homeopathy is based on the principle ‘like cures like’. Allopathy is based on the principle ‘opposite cures opposite’. Acupuncture, the method of pricking skin or tissues with needles for treatment of various diseases was developed by the Chinese. Ayurveda, Homeopathy and Acupuncture are becoming popular today.

In the last few decades, medical science has made rapid progress. Medicinal and surgical treatments have developed very fast. Diseases such as small pox, chickenpox, polio, plague, malaria etc. have now almost been eradicated. Many other diseases have been controlled through immunization. Open heart surgeries, organ transplants, brain surgeries, treatment of deadly diseases like, cancer, tuberculosis etc. have all become possible. Internal tumors and stones which were considered incurable a few years back can now be cured.

Hidden diseases in the body can be diagnosed easily with the help of X-rays. Gamma radiations are used for the treatment of cancer. Eye disorders can be corrected with lenses and spectacles. By surgical operations, eyesight can now be given back to a visually challenged person and power of hearing to a hearing impaired person. In a medical breakthrough, in 2007, doctors at All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS), New Delhi used one cornea to provide sight to three patients.

Blood transfusions can give new life to those who are dying of wounds, or suffering from any other ailment caused by blood loss. The year 2007 witnessed an another important breakthrough in medical science. It can make all humans universal donors. Danish scientists have converted A, B and AB blood types into O. O is the universal donor blood group which can be given to anyone in need of a blood transfusion. This breakthrough could potentially mean the end of blood shortages.


Giving artificial limbs and organs are now increasingly becoming common. Painless and even bloodless operations are carried out without difficulty. Laser surgery enables surgeons to operate without ripping open the body. Scientists have even succeeded in cloning animals.

Blood banks and sperm banks have been established. The application of genetic engineering works wonders. Many incurable genetic and other diseases can be cured by the process of genetic engineering. Advances in medical science have resulted in increase of average human life span and use of contraceptives has been a major factor in the decline of birth rate.

The first test tube baby was born in August 1978 in America. Blood banks and sperm banks have been established. The application of genetic engineering works wonders. Many incurable genetic and other diseases can be cured by the process of genetic engineering. Advances in medical science have resulted in increase of life span and use of contraceptives is responsible for decline in birth rate.

AIDS is still an incurable disease. Medical scientists are trying to find out a cure against this dreaded disease. Studies have been made on molecular level to control the disease. Tests like ELISA kit, Particle Agglutination Test (PAT) are used to detect AIDS. Nowadays, ready-to-use diagnostic kits are available for detecting diseases like malaria, hepatitis etc. These kits help one to detect a diseases at the early stages of infection. Such kits are also available for pregnancy detection, for checking the sensitive allergens and for measuring blood levels of various substances.


Forensic science deals with the application of medical science to tackle legal issues. It helps in identifying the cause of death by autopsy. Technique of DNA fingerprinting is frequently used for tracing and identifying criminals. This branch of medical science is helpful in solving crimes and murder mysteries. Researches in medical science have brought forth the necessity and importance of a balanced diet. A diet is balanced if it contains nutrients like carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, proteins and minerals in the right proportion. A balanced diet helps one to remain healthy and free from diseases. Sometimes a person’s regular diet may be deficient in some important nutrient. Multivitamin pills, tablets etc. are available to help overcome such deficiencies.

In earlier times, a general physician treated diseases afflicting any part of the body. Today specialists and super-specialists are available for treatment of different diseases. They are dentists. The specialists have a better knowledge about the organs they deal with.

Progress in medical science has led to certain social evils too. The sex-determination test is being misused for female feticide. cloning and euthanasia have created a serious moral dilemma. But these can be taken care of by man himself. Excessive and indiscriminate use of medicines for simple diseases like fever, headache etc. should be avoided.

Medical science has thus proved a boon to mankind. It has lengthened life. It has helped man to fight diseases. It has made life healthier and happier.

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