Essay On The Choice of A Profession (Medical Profession).

There was a time when the profession of a person was determined by birth. But now the times have changed. We are living in a democratic country. Every one is free to choose his own profession.

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Life in these days is very hard. If the profession is not properly selected, it becomes difficult for a person to get success in it. His whole life is spoiled. He finds it difficult to adjust himself to a wrong profession. So in these fast changing times, the need and importance of rightly choosing a profession is very great.

Now the question arises how to make the choice? What points should be kept in mind? Who should make the choice? Let us be clear about these points. Every profession cannot suit everyone. One’s success in a profession very much depends upon one’s physical health. A lame man cannot join the military. A man with a defective voice can never be a good musician. A man whose heart is weak cannot be a good surgeon. So the first factor which must be kept in mind while making the choice is the physical health of the person concerned.


Men differ in their tastes. There are men who do not like to remain sitting in office chairs, they like active life. Some like to travel and visit different places. Others have literary taste. They are born with books in their hands, live with books in their hands, and die with books in their hands. So the tastes and aptitudes of men differ. While making the choice of a profession, tastes of the person concerned must be taken into consideration.

Some professions are held in high esteem by society. Others are not respected so much. Doctors, Professors, Engineers, Lawyers are supposed to belong to the best profession. In ancient India, teachers enjoyed the highest position in society. But the times are now changed. Teachers do not enjoy that much social respect, so the choice of a profession must be made from the point of view of social respect also.

We live in a materialistic age. Men want money at any cost. They do not care for the means by which they get money. Some professions are better than others as far as money is concerned. That is why some like to be businessmen. They not only get enough money but also enjoy independence. This should also be borne in mind which selecting a profession.

If we keep in mind all the points mentioned above, we shall find that medical profession is the best. The richest men in the country, leaving aside some of the capitalists, are the doctors. They enjoy great respect in society. The doctor is second to none for an ailing man. There is great scope in this profession for the service of mankind. “God loves those who love their fellowmen.” So doctors must be loved by God. Further, the profession of a doctor is an independent one. A doctor may have his own private practice. He need not take up any service. Indeed, no profession can equal this one. My choice will be for this profession.


Who should make the choice of a profession? Surely, a High School student cannot make the right choice. He is not mentally mature. The parents should share the responsibility. But they find it difficult to know the tastes and likings of their wards. They may weigh the other points rightly, but they they are likely to fail in knowing the tastes of their children. So the parents and their wards should both work together to make a choice. Government should also help in this important work. Psychology departments should be opened. They should help in judging the tastes of students. The co-operation of the three is essential.

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