An Essay on the Dusserah Festival for School and College Students

The Dusserah is one of the greatest festival of India. The Hindus celebrate in honor of Shri Ram Chandra’s victory over Ravan, the demon king of Lanka. It comes off in the month of Asauj. It covers a period of ten days.


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Why it is Celebrated

The word Dusserah has different meanings for different persons. Some says that this festival lasts for ten days, hence it is called so. Other think that this festival removes ten kinds of sins of people. While others hold that it means Ram’s Victory over Ravan, the ten headed demon king of Lanka. In Bengal it is also connected with Durga-puja. Generally it is celebrated in the memory of Shri Ram Chandra.


How it is Celebrated

Throughout the country people celebrate this festival. The Ramayana is staged in the form of drama for ten days. The whole Ram’s life is shown to the Public. In all the big towns and cities the celebration are held in the open ground called Ramlila ground. A procession starts each day from a temple. It passes through the main streets and halts at the Ramlila ground.

In the first few days people enjoy the scenes of Ramayana. They throw light on Ram’s birth, his marriage and exile. On the last day the king of Lanka and Ram fight with each other. The huge effigies of Ravan, his brother Kumbhkaran and his son Meghnad are raised at the ground. In the evening that are set on fire. As the flames rise high end the crackers do loud noise, the people shout “Ram Chandra Ki Jai”. The Procession goes back. Ram his wife Sita and his younger, Laxman take seat in the palanquins. It is carried thought the main streets to the main temple.

The Religious Ceremony


The tenth day is the festival day. It is celebrated with great enthusiasm. People get up early in the morning on this day. They clean their houses and take bath. The proper ceremony take place at the noon. The Rajputs worship their weapons. The children put on new clothes. Girls give barely ear to their brothers who put them on their ears or in their turban. Brothers give some money to them. Special Pucca food is prepared on this day in each home.

Its advantages

The Dusserah is a very important festival. It presents the past glory of India. It teaches us a great moral lesson. It emphasizes that the good always triumphs over the evil. The scenes from the Ramayana throw light on epic age. The festival helps to unite the Hindus. The People of all castes and religions feel that they belong to one society when they gather in the ground. The recitation of holy verses creates religions feelings in the hearts of people.



In ancient days Dusserah was a national festival. All the people feel happy on this day. For the Bengali it is the Greatest festival of the year. They do Durga Puja on a grand scale. Sometimes they spend money on the occasion beyond their means. During the Dusserah all are in a holiday mood.

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