Essay On The Duties Of Students In Times of War

Students, form the backbone of any nation. In times of emergency, such as war, famine, floods or drought, a country has to meet various demands to face the situation. In such emergencies all eyes are turned towards the students, the youth of the country.

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No war can be fought without an efficient army. It needs far-sighted and intelligent officers. Jawans who meet the challenge of death smilingly, are needed in every-increasing numbers, but even the best and bravest of tough fighters will only sacrifice their lives in vain, if the leadership of the army does not come upto the mark. Only the students reading in colleges and universities can supply much needed leadership. This is, no doubt a big challenge, but the students can face it. They are being given training under N.C.C. and P.E.C., to make them good citizen in times of peace. But these very trained or under training students can join the army and become officers in times of war. It is the duty of students to take this training seriously so that they may serve their motherland when the need arises.

There is no doubt that it is the duty of the military to defend the freedom of the country. Every country maintains an army only with this aim. But it can look after only the frontier and face the enemy. Wars are generally lost due to internal disturbances and troubles. Every country has some black sheep. Students, by virtue of their education, can easily maintain internal peace and order. In war times, exemplary discipline is needed in every walk of life. Students should set an example for others by their own disciplined life. They should be willing to undergo all hardships. They should never behave in an indiscipline way.


Modern wars are not fought only at the battlefield and the fronts. Behind every Jawan, works the strength of the whole nation. Unless there is increased production in the fields and the factories, the requirements of military vehicles, ever increasing quantity of good grains, are needed to keep the military well provided. So factories have to work round the clock. Every inch of land has to be brought under the plough to increase agriculture production. Students get so many opportunities to serve their motherland.

They can continue to study and also devote their spare time to such productive channels.

Modern wars are technological and scientific. Only those countries can withstand the pressure of war which are technically and scientifically well advanced. Students, and students alone, are suited to undertake responsibilities in various fields. They should put in their heart an soul in their studies. They should take technical training and should study science. If the students study scientific and technical subjects, the country at war may be sure of its ultimate victory.

Students, by virtue of their youth, are best suited for tough jobs. They can undergo any type of sacrifice. They have the vigour, vitality and stamina to face the greatest hardship. Students have a fund of knowledge, which if channelized in proper direction can prove of immense value. In war times, all these qualities are of great use. Naturally, a nation at war depends upon its students. Whenever the honor an freedom of their country is in danger, it is they who must come to the forefront and protect it by giving even the last drop of their blood.

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