Essay On The Elephant For School Students

The elephant is a very huge animal. It is ugly also. It walks majestically. Its body is very heavy. It is called a royal animal.


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Its Appearance :

The elephant is very clumsy. It is huge. It grows a height of about 10 feet. It is usually coarse dark in color. its skin is too hard for any kind of thorns to penetrate. It has long trunk. It has two white tusks and two ears hanging like big fans. It has two small eyes and a broad body. It has a short tail and four legs. its legs are like pillars of a house.


Where Found :

It is usually found in forests of India, Africa, Ceylon and Burma. The elephants roam in forests in groups of hundreds. They are usually under the charge of a big male elephant whom they obey.

Its Trunk :

Its trunk is very useful and flexible. It eats and drinks and lifts up thing with it. It can stiffen it when necessary. A man can climb upon it, and get on its back. It takes up every eatable by its trunk and thrown it down in the mouth underneath. With the help of its trunk it pulls hard the big trees and uproots them.


How Elephants Are Caught :

Elephants are caught by various methods. Usually they are made to come round to female elephant which is kept at a suitable place in the forest. Sometimes big pinfolds are made of wood in the forest. The elephants are scared away from a few kilometers radius of the forest to pinfolds. This is done by beating of drums or making strange noises. When they are caught, they are shut in separate rooms and tamed.

Uses of the Parts of Its Body to the Elephant and to Man :

Different parts of the body of an elephant are useful to it. The trunk helps it to fill its stomach with water. With it, it picks up even tiny things from the earth, and carries heavy logs of wood from one place to another. It wards off danger with its tusks.


An elephant is very useful to man. It carries heavy loads and guns for him It helps him a in tiger hunting. It was an ornament in the Courts of Indian Price who kept it with great care. It is used in procession as well as in war. After its death beautiful articles are made from its bones and tusks. Knife-handles, hooks for brushes, combs and many other fancy things are made from its tusks.

Its Age :

An elephant lives from 150 to 200 years. It costs too much to keep an elephant in one’s house. An ordinary person or even a rich cannot afford to have it.

Its Habits :

The elephant is very revengeful by nature. Once it is hurt, its anger can never be cooled. It is an intelligent and faithful animal. It understands every sign of his keeper of its Mahout. It obeys his orders to death. It is very watchful if one plays tricks with him. When it is tamed, it proves a harmless animal. It is much attached to children and often loves then and serves them. It bears a great affection for its young ones.

Conclusion :

In olden time, elephants were used in war. Poras had a large number of elephants in his fight against Alexander the great. They spread great confusion. They trampled their own men under their feet. Now they re mostly kept for show.

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