Essay On The Ethics and Education

Ethics and education are the two sides of the same coin and are complementary to each other. Education sans ethics is nothing but directionless learning and to developed right ethics, education essential. The sole purpose of education lies in the enlightenment of mind that gives an ability to choose between moral and immoral ways.

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The two words, ethics and education are positively interrelated. They together form a personality that has potent to encourage a seething mass of people into a nation with unity and success. But without ethics, attributes fall alike, strong to weak. if the world ‘ethics’ is defined as the science of morals then ‘education’ certainly means the harmonious development of our body, mind and soul. Its root meaning is character or manners. The meanings of words throw light on their significance and on the values that tacitly or explicitly inform our lives and guide our actions consciously with equilibrium. It is imperative that ethics and education have great across the span of civilizations.

In fact, education begins from the day we are born. Starting from learning sings and languages of our parents, the process continues till we get a chain of degrees covering segments of education but ethics comes from one’s culture rather than his tastes for culture. With proper education and good ethical values, all the colors of our society can be merged to paint a dynamic and powerful country which can face any challenge for completion of task as well as fulfillment of duty unconditionally from infrastructure to healthcare. Nonetheless, the need for ethics at all levels is generally recognized and it is still present in the educational context, more particularly as a general aim as well as an academic subject. The latter is, however, often presented in the form of a choice between study of religion, usually the prevalent one in the country and ethics, which is taken as its secular counterpart.


We often find a post-doctorate scholar abusing his illiterate maid. On the other hand, we also find an illiterate person taking an unknown victim to his destination. Such instances reflect one’s actual education. It covers every situation right from university to Parliament and society to work place. Impatience followed by unrest have become so common that we find them in every nook and corner of the world. Such acts are due to futility of their education – for them education means only to clear an exam and achieve a degree. They do not even bother to value or maintain minimal ethical standards. Ethics is nothing but value education that is automatically absorbed from surroundings, culture and interest. It prevails with discipline, dedication and determination. Patriotism, responsibility, spirituality and behavior are the fruits of ethics. It is not about how much we know but about how much it matters to those who do not know. And that is why the power of ethical behavior is permanent and infinite.

In countries like India where a common man is worried for his share of food, clothing and shelter and animosity among communities, castes and religions are daily issues, ethics with education is the only rescue-weapon. Infant feticide, dowry, illiteracy, terrorism, corruption, violent, drug addiction, and other non-acceptable activities can be solved by imparting positive education with ethics. Equal rights and respect women and women should prevail as the right arm of substantial education.

Ethics has been one of the core concerns in respect of philosophy and religion too and both the areas are preoccupied for practical existence.

The six modest alphabets of ethics when placed side by side with nine alphabets of education from undaunted spirit potent enough to take us to the expected heights.


In needs to be mentioned that the present flow and current climate in education has reached a kind of impasse in both private and Government controlled mainstream education. To volte-face the situation it would require accurate diagnosis, that is true in respect of contributing factors. One thing that seems to stand out is the gap existing between, on the one hand, the educational aim of providing people with the necessary knowledge and skills to earn a livelihood and, on the other, the purpose of bringing about essentially ethical human beings. The more technically sophisticated we become, the more our inhuman impulses come to the fore. The views of great men all round the world to solve the burning problems must be taken to plug the gap of bookish education with that of ethics and education, i.e., the real education. Just as ‘sun’ is the source of all energy, education with ethics should become the goal of all education whether theoretical or practical.

The violence currently rampant among the young is a clear instance of the dark side of the system. If the phenomenon continues, gap would definitely he widened and such a situation of the social structure would become untenable and may eventually collapse. if we take culture to mean the shared meaning that glue together the functional organism of society, then the current situation implies that education is no longer able to provide such a cultural foundations. And this is precisely what worries and frustrates educators every where. But the question arises, what exactly are the parameters of ethical or moral dimensions in education.

Independent thought, right judgments and worship of work with love and in an acceptable manner is the true meaning of ethics and education. Even small organisms like ants and bees teach us code of ethics – veritable education of working in a community without personal originality and aims without any hope.

Though tough to adopt addiction to it makes perfect and complete human being and encourages carrying on with renewed vigor and strength. it has no negative role. It has to be a part of life and the process of living in a process of learning.


While considering the importance of science and technology that has come to occupy almost all spheres of human life and transformed our civilization into a scientific and technological civilization, education and guidance of ethics is essential to enjoy its wonderful achievements.

When one sees the present system of education, one wonders, to what extent is the importance of self knowledge as the foundation of ethical behavior is understood in educational institutions. Teachers are of the view that they teach mathematics to their students as it is more important than understanding the workings of fear, because it would have a greater impact on their lives. It is consistent with the general valuation of the ‘useful in terms of making in life’. It can hardly be a matter of mathematics being more tangible than fear, since mathematics is one of the most abstract of sciences and fear can be readily experienced and felt. So any educational institution that means to educate for an ethical existence has to reverse its values and give due importance to our inner human nature, which is the controlling factor of our actions and deeds. And this cannot be left to chance or as and when the need arise, because the need has been there since the beginning of time and continues to be the enduring failing of human history.

The discovery of moral action by each individual may not be all that is needed, but is certainly a necessary beginning towards a responsible education an education that is in itself ethical.

It is the boundless and speechless expression of civilization which separates us from other creatures of the Almighty. Ultimately, ethics with education creates soulful morality that enlightens the darkness everywhere – from a house to a board room, a club to an office, a school to a university and people to Parliament.

All education is incomplete unless it imbibes ethical dimension in it. Education must not be limited to help the young earn their one livelihood but should go beyond with an ability to judge whether the earning is worth in terms of utility of work to mankind. Newton, Einstein and Mahatma Gandhi are considered great because their intention was working in order to serve the humanity, and not their individual fame and prosperity. They used their knowledge and intelligence with the role objective of serving the mankind and eventually the succeed in their effort.

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