Essay On The Exhibition : Its Advantages and Disadvantages

It was a cold day of December. Some of my friends came to me and pressed me to accompany them to Delhi. On their insistence. I yielded to their request.

We went to the railway station and after making some inquiries, we started for Delhi by the first available train. It was there that my friends disclosed to me that they were all going to see the International Industrial Fair.

On reaching Delhi, we took our seats in a bus which took us to Pragati Maidan. The first thing which struck me was the absence of policemen. Only traffic police was there to control the traffic. We were directed to the ticket window by the volunteers. There were separate arrangements for the issue of the tickets to ladies and gents. As the arrangements were efficient, we got the tickets after waiting in the line for a few minutes only. We came to the entrance gate. It was a big gate made artistically. Beautiful flags were flying over it. Special stands for buses, auto-rickshaws and cycles had been made. The parking arrangements were also very decent.

The exhibition was spread over a large area of several acres. Though it was only an industrial exhibition, yet the arrangement of stalls was very artistic and impressive. Nearly all the foreign counties were taking part in the fair. Every country had arranged its stall in its own national way. some countries like Russia, Japan, Germany, Canada, Poland, India etc had very big stalls. As we had only two days at our disposal, we tried to go through all the stalls hurriedly. Much of our time was taken by the German and Russian stalls, and stalls from the various Indian States. We were very much surprised to see the Glassman in the German stall. Every internal organ, including, the blood vessels, was clearly visible in the electrically operate Glassman. In the Russian stall, the model of the moon ‘Buggi’, and sample of the moon rock attracted large crowds. The lighting arrangements in the compound were very much pleasing to the eye.

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I still remember some of the more striking features of this Industrial Fair. In the Indian defence pavilion, I saw, for the first time, the models of rockets, aeroplanes, missiles and satellites made in India. I was fascinated by the model for the famous gnat plane which did such valuable service during the Indo-Pakistan War. It should what a tremendous progress India had made since Independence. It was also much struck by the handicrafts in the pavilions from the different Indian states.

The exhibitions is general have their own advantages. But this industrial exhibition being unique proved greatly advantageous. The different stalls donated their rare goods to our country. To technicians and engineers it proved very useful. They could learn many things by observing the machines from different countries. Businessmen and industrialists conduced business with other countries. For the general public it was a great source of education. Many things about foreign countries, which cannot be learnt through books, became quite clear thought it.

I am grateful to my friends who took me to this exhibition. Indeed, I would have missed a rare opportunity in my life had I not visited it. It was great work of organizational the part of the private sector. It not only entertainer and amused but also educated and enlightened the people. On going through this exhibition, I could guess the amount of work which our country has to do, to be in line with the other great countries of the world.


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