Essay On The Holi Festival For School Students

Like Diwali, Holi is also a festival of the Hindus, It is a very important festival. It falls in the month of March. It marks the beginning of the Spring season. Though it is called the festival of Sudras, yet it is celebrated by all the Hindus Like Diwali great preparations are made all over country to celebrate it.

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Why it is Celebrated :

The festival of Holi is connected with the story of Prahlad. he was a true devote of God. his father was Raksbash. he tried to kill him many a time but in vain. Having failed to kill him he ordered his sister Holika to burn him to death. She took the boy in her arms. She sat with him on a huge burning fire. The fire burnt Holika and spared Prahlad. In the memory of this great event, effigies of Holika are made and burn by people. In Brij Mandal, the Holi is connected with the activates of Lord Krishna.


How it is Celebrated :

Great piles of fuel or colleted in the streets. They are called Holi. On the festival day women worship Holi. They take a few rounds of it. It is brunt at night on a fixed hour. People parch green ears barley on the flames of Holi. They distribute these parched ear among their friends and relatives. In every Hindu house sweets and namkeens are prepared. children take delight in eating pucca food. Everybody puts on new cloths.

The following day’s Celebrations :

The following day is a day of merry making. The young boys make small parties and go about the streets. They sing and dance. they throw colored water on one another. Their clothes become completely wet. They are also turn. Shourts of joy are heard every where. Children roam in the streets in parties. They have syring and buckets full of colored water. They throw colored water on people with their syrings. The elder people use to abir and gulal. They rub them on foreheads of the people.


People sing song and make merry. Exchange of harmless jokes become common. Everybody cheers and forgets himself. In the afternoon people visit their friends and relatives. People forget all their quarrels and differences in the Holi week.

Advantage :

This festival creates feelings of love and friendship. People forget bitterness, enmity and hatred. Quarrels are finished.

Disadvantages :


But on this festival unthoughtful people forget themselves. They do indecent things. They drink. They sing vulgar songs. Filthy words come out of their mouths. Sometimes they paint people’s face with tar and charcoal. This leads to quarrels. Quarrels result in deaths also.

Conclusion :

This festival had nothing bad in the beginning. Now it has become unholy and unpleasant. People should bring reforms in it. The Government should announce that only harmless acts are allowed. Arya Samaj should take keen interest in reforming the Holi festival.

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