An Essay On The Importance of Zoo

Animals are important to us and we all marvel at this creation of God. How we dearly cling on to our pets and never wise that they should fall ill.

However, there are huge animals which are wild in nature, mostly found in deep forest such as lions, elephants, rhinoceros, crocodiles, chimpanzees, tigers, monkeys etc. These animals cannot be kept as pets in houses. Such animals and various types of birds are generally kept in a place called zoo. Zoos are mostly found in towns and cities. Animals are usually habituated to be in the open surroundings of nature. Hence such an atmosphere is artificially created in a zoo to make the animals feel at home. Thus is also necessary for their healthy growth and long life.

Indian has about 64 large zoos and 194 medium zoos. The zoos are also know as zoological parks in big metropolitan cities like Delhi. Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, etc, Zoos have great educational value. Students and children’s living in big cities and towns are not every familiar with the animal world. They don’t have the opportunity to look at the different types of birds and animals abundant in nature. Therefore, the zoos increase their knowledge and inspire them to know more about the animal kingdom. By visiting a zoo, a child is thrilled to notice different species of animals, watch their behavior, their food habits and how they live. Nonetheless, visitors should always follow the instructions laid down on a board while entering a zoo.

A zoon is generally a large area located within the city or in its outskirt. It has beautiful parks and well-build roads to attract the visitors. Here lions and tigers walks majestically inside he big cases. One can also find innumerable beautiful birds of different colors and habitants. Some flying inside the cages and some swimming in the artificially created lakes or pond. These ponds also have lotuses and lilies to add to the beauty of the zoo. Then there are the artificially created forests with deer and stags running around. One can also notice some rare species such as the Neelgai and the one-horned rhinoceros commonly found in the jungles of Assam.


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Zoos are of great importance as they protect and preserver a number of endangered species of animals and birds. For example, the white tiger in India in depleting fast. There may be a very few of them alive as most of them have become a victim to illegal poaching. But continuous confinement of animals can sometimes affect them physically as well a psychologically. This is because animals, as we know, love to roam around freely in the forest and wilderness. Thus zoos must always endeavors to provide adequate water, food and create a naturalistic environment for the animals living in them , The care-takers should in no way harm them physically or mentally, especially while handling the sensitive animals.

The best time to visit a zoological park is in the early hours of the morning or late in the afternoon. Summer months should be avoided as most of the animals prefer to rest in their hideouts and are not easily seen. Nonetheless, one can find tigers and bears cooling off in the moats surrounding their enclosures.

Most of the zoos located in big cities can be seen in two or three hours. The leopard cat, the Indian rhinoceros, the hippopotamus, the black buck, the Indian gazelle and the lion-tailed macaque are some of the rare animals found in the Delhi Zoos. It is also famous for the stork and teasing of animals is strictly prohibited in this zoo.


Both plants and animals form an indispensable part of the nature. Therefore both of them must be protected and preserved to maintain the right ecological balance of the nature. More zoos should be developed in Indian and across the globe to save the animals from illegal poaching and trading. It is also the ideal way to bring people, particularly the children close to nature and to the animal world.

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