Essay On The Industrialization In India : Difficulties

We live in an age of science and technology. A country is powerful and advanced, only if it is scientifically and technically well-developed. America is the richest country of the world.

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America dominates the world. America has made tremendous progress in science. It is due to scientific and technical achievements that America has become highly industrialized. Industrialization increases production manifold. India is yet in the backward agricultural stage. She must make rapid economic progress. The awfully low standard of her people must be raised. This makes the need and importance of industrialization for India quite evident. It is the only way to making India strong and prosperous.

First, let us fully understand the dangers of industrialization. Mumbai, Kolkata, Kanpur etc. are densely populated. They are industrial towns. Cowing to over-crowing and congestion, climate becomes unhealthy. Moral evils increase. We all know that big machines are labor saving devices. A single machine can do the work of hundreds of men. So thousands are thrown out on the road. They become victims of unemployment.


hazards of industrialization are many. Sometimes there is leakage of gas from storage-tanks. This happened in Bhopal in the Union Carbide Factory. The fatal M.I.C. gas leaked out, killing thousands and injuring for life the health of many thousands more. According to the opinion of experts, even the children to be born would suffer from it. An industrial tragedy of such magnitude had never happened before anywhere in the world. It should be an eye-opener to all concerned. Safety regulations must be strictly enforced, and adequate compensation must be given to the victims of this unprecedented tragedy.

besides the above dangers, some other difficulties also come in the way of industrialization. Big machine are very costly. No under-developed country, like India, can manufacture heavy machines. She has to obtain them from foreign counties. The dependence on others is the first difficulty, which must be faced. To purchase the machines, a huge amount of money is required. In a poor country, like India money cannot be obtained from internal rescues. Heavy taxes are imposed on the people to get every possible paisa from them. People are subjected to untold hardships and miseries.

‘No gain without pain’ is an oft quoted saying. We must bear all difficulties and be prepared to face the dangers, if we want to reap the advantages of industrialization. Through industrialization, production increases rapidly. Goods become cheaper. Plenty and prosperity take the place of poverty. The standard of living of the people is raised. An industrialized country not only satisfies the demands of her own people, but also exports her surplus goods. This increases her foreign trade. In this way, the country becomes prosperous and strong. Further, industrialization is also essential for the defence of the country. Modern armaments cannot be manufactured without an industrial base. So the advantages of industrialization far outweigh the dangers and difficulties which come in its wake.

Since independence India has been rapidly industrialized. giant industrial concerns are located at suitable places all over the country. Industrialization is the only way open to her to take her rightful place in the comity of nations. Let all of us be reedy to bear the pangs and paints of industrialization with a determined will. we must sacrifice to-day for the sake of the future. The country must continue to march ahead on the road to industrialization, despite its many hazards, dangers and difficulties. Now multination have been invited to enter the field in a big way so that the speed of industrialization in India increased.


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