Essay On The Need of Technical And Vocational Education

Hundreds and thousands of B.A.’s and M.A.’s are turned be every year out of the universities of our country. They run after petty jobs. But all of them do not even get such low paid services.

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As a result, the problem of unemployment daily grows more acute. Besides having these defects, the present system of education is proving harmful in other ways also. It is quite unsuitable for the needs of modern India.

Our country is quite rich in natural resources. But still our people are very poor. We do not know how to make the best use of our natural gifts. We do not have enough young men properly trained to exploit these resources. Only Technical and Vocational Education can give us expert engineers, technicians and mechanics. They are needed in large number in our country. So there is great need of such education.


Large number of educated young men to-day are fit only for office work. This is the fault of their defective education. The increasing number of educated young men every year makes the problem of unemployment very serious. If, during their education period, they are taught to do so many things with their own hands, many of them will not like to enter service. It is necessary, therefore, that young men should be trained in different vocations of their choice. This will enable them to start their own business. They will become independent workers. They will no longer run after petty jobs. The problem of unemployment will be solved.

Untrained workers cannot do their work efficiently. An untrained teacher cannot teach with the same efficiency as a trained teacher does. So is the case with all other workers. We want efficient and skilled workers in all vocations. This can be possible only if they are given vocational and technical training.

This is the age of large scale industries. Large factories are necessary for economic development. We cannot make much progress in the industrial field without a sufficient number of technically trained hands. Without efficient and trained experts we can not compete with other countries. For rapid industrialization of the country, more and more young men must be given technical education. It is the need of the hour. We cannot ignore it.

If we look towards other countries, we find that only those countries are great which are scientifically and technically advanced. Many of the powerful and great countries are not rich in natural resources like our own country, yet they are known throughout the world for their might and progress. Only technical education has placed them in such an honorable position. Our own country can easily surpass them, if we begin to give technical and vocational training to more and more young men. IT is thus clear, that the need of such training in our country is very great. Our progress depends solely upon it.


It is a happy sign that the government is fully alive to this problem. Since independence many technical and vocational institutions have been established throughout the country. There is a net-work of Medical colleges, Engineering institutions, and Agricultural colleges. There are also Industrial Training Institutes for those who have passed only Junior High School or Higher Secondary Examinations.

However, technical education alone cannot solve the problem of unemployment. Family planning and population control are also a must for the purpose.

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