Essay On The Radio (Broadcasting) in Modern Life

We are living in an age of Scientific wonders. One of these wonders is broadcasting. The meaning of the word is to send the news to people everywhere. But in modern times the term has come to mean to relay programmes by wireless to the owners of radio sets.

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Now every country has its own radio-station from where all sorts of programmes are broadcast to the nation and to the world at large.

Out of the many advantages of Radio broadcasting, a few important ones are being given here. First, broadcasting is very useful for educating the people. People can listen to the talk and lectures of the great thinkers sitting in their homes. The whole of mankind can know the views of some great philosopher or leader of any country through his own words. Through special radio programmes, classroom lessons of schools and colleges can be supplemented by broadcasting. Even the subject which are said to be very dry can be made interesting by specialists. Lessons on these subjects can be transmitted through broadcasting.


Secondly, broadcasting has placed entertainment of all sorts at our service. In fact, Radio has ousted the gramophone from the field of recreatin. Lovers of classical music may listen to the best singers. Those who have no ears for classical music may turn to light music. Still others like to enjoy short stories or dramas on their radios. Now we need not waste our time and money on going outside to attend the all India Kavi Sammelan, or Mushaira, we can listen to them all on our radio sets. All Cricket fans cannot go to England to see the Test Matches between India and England. The radio enables them to listen to the running commentaries. Even the clapping and the shouting of the spectators can be heard. The rural folk can listen to the programmes, specially meant for them. So the radio is a good friend to all.

Thirdly, in this fast changing world every one wants to keep in touch with the changing events. Radio is said to be talking newspaper. We need not read the newspaper and exert our eyes. Lying down in our easy chair or bed, we may listen to the important news from the farthest corner of the world. Even illiterate persons can keep themselves abreast of world events by listening to the radio. So broadcasting is a boon for the literates and illiterates alike.

The Radio is also of great use in commerce and industry. It is used also for advertising. Daily we hear on Radio Ceylon the advertisements of so many medicines, cosmetics and other articles. Advertisements are also made over the All India Radio. This is the commercial use of broadcasting. Besides this, business-men may profit by knowing the ups and downs of the different markets. Market reports are regularly relayed on the radio. So the radio is of great use in business and commerce.

Broadcasting is a powerful medium of propaganda. The public can be educated in civic sense, health rules and other rules of public conduct. Many social evils may e removed by broadcasting interesting features in connection with these evils. In war time also the radio helps the warring nations to keep up the morale of the people. Now a days, our Government is trying to do the work of village uplift by broadcasting special rural programmes. Radio is also being used to explain the Five-Year Plans to the people. Thus it is an important medium of reconstruction.


But now the Radio is facing stiff competition from the T.V. There is a net-work of T.V. receivers all over the country. T.V. programmes can now be viewed in every corner of the country. The sale and production of T.V. sets, both color and black and white, has increased several folds and more people are taking to T.V. viewing. But the Radio will always have its own role and significance in the life of the nation. No amount of competition can kill it.

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