Essay On The Saraswati Puja For School Students

The Saraswati Puja is one of the many festivals that the Hindus celebrate all over the world. It is the festival which is celebrated in honor of the Goddess of Learning – Saraswati.

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When it is Celebrated :

The time fixed for the celebration of this festival is long period. This period begins from the month of Magha and ends in the Phalgun. The day fixed for the Puja is the fifth day of the full moon. Hence this festival is also called Sripanchami Festival.


Meaning :

The festival seems to be connected with old festival of kaumudi ustav and basant ustav. The Basant utsav begins with the day of the Saraswati Puja. It is celebrated by the people of Uttar Pradesh even now for fifteen days till Dolepurnima (full moon) comes.

Why it is Celebrated :

It is natural to ask why this festival is observed at such a time. The answer is plain. The people of India, in general, ignorant of royal grandeur. They have a little knowledge of the world. Their knowledge is limited to their native village. being happy with the good harvest of late winter, they find good opportunities to thank God. This they do in the form of the worship of the Goddess-one of the consorts of God.


The Special Features of the Festival

special features of the festival is that people give up totally the work of reading and writing on the day of Puja. From the old to the young devotees have showed their offerings on the Goddess they begin to eat dish which is prepared for this occasion.

Conclusion :

On the next day, the pieces of paper are prepared by writing sacred names on them. They are offered to the Goddess. Then the devotees can begin their intellectual work again.

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