An Essay On The Terrorism And The POTO (Prevention of Terrorism Ordinance )

Terrorism is an organized undeclared cold war against the sovereignty of the state. It is a crime against mankind. It targets’ innocent and peace loving civilians as well as security forces. Terrorist organizations have established outlook across the world.


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They have paid informers, and sympathizers including journalists. Some Islamic states guide, give shelter and finance Islamic terrorist organizations in dozens of countries. They recruit unemployed poor youth, train them in using guns, brain wash them to become jehadis. Every year in the last decade, several thousand innocents were killed or maimed. Each death shatters families and leaves behind widows and orphans’. Terrorism has increased to such an extent that the patience of Indians has been exhausted. In our country there are so many terrorist affected area like Gujarat, Assam, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, Orissa and among this the most sensitive area is the Kashmir. Our neighbor nation gives a helping hand to the Kashmir terrorists to make violence and not to think any development for the state.

Earlier the government had enacted TADA to deal severely with terrorists. In some or most of the cases it became a successful. But it was withdrawn because the police used excessive force against the culprits. As we known our country stands on the policy of democracy, some political leaders raised a hue and cry in order woo’ the Muslim votes. The press and the media started talking about fundamental rights in a secular stale. They shed not a single tear for the victims of terrorist attacks in J&K and in the Northeast states.


Nearly six years after TADA lapsed, the government came out with an ordinance to deal with this evil. This will have to be ratified and enacted by the Parliament against the mischievous antics of the opposition panics. POTO or Prevention of Terrorism Ordinance 2001is being discussed in papers and the Parliament. The Human Rights Commission is providing an umbrella to terrorists. They criticize the ordinance as a violation of human rights. They criticize the ordinance as a violation of human rights. This is shameful.

POTO empowers those authorities to declare an organization a terrorist organization and seize its properties. Persons concealing a terrorist or con-spring against the state are punishable. So also are those, who strike terror using bombs or damage essential services. Provisions have been made to check the abuse of power given to police and army personnel. The journalists are opposing POTO because it curbs their freedom and can punish them also for spreading rumors and justifying unlawful activities. PTO provides for a two-year punishment for those who misuse it. This law could also be utilized and implemented for the terrorism acts within our country, like Assam, Orissa.

The fundamentalists aided by Pakistan’s cross border terrorism want to hoist their flag on the Red Fort. Pakistan wants to grab” the whole of Kashmir by use of force. India’s unity and integrity is in danger. Almost after 55 years of is creation, Pakistan remains a state of four tribes. It has no national identity. Terrorism is the only identity and its military force needs to keep the Kashmir issue burning. To prevent the activities of Terrorism POTO is the right step and we should take a massive step to support this Act.

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