Essay On The Unity, The Crying Need Of The Hour

In the present-day world, when the struggle for existence is keen and competition of snatch at loaves of bread is rife, and the problem of unemployment is mounting, almost every one of us appears to be in a dreadful hurry.

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We are moving with terrific haste in ll directions without knowing why and where for. We are not able to command even a moment’s leisure to sit down calmly and think deeply about the problems that confronts us individually and collectively and arrive at their solution. Desire is an insatiable mistress. It grows in the young as-well-as the old. While there is every justification for a man who has nothing or little for thinking of bread to keep body and soul together. There is no excuse for those who are rich. The rich want to be richer, and the more they get, the more they want. Happiness is not their lot and discontent produces results which are disastrous.

Our grandfathers were not literate, but they knew most of what is contained in our scriptures by having heard them from their elders. The result was the presence of all, over the land, culture, a true sense of values and firm faith in right conduct, useful to the welfare of society. it is this feature that make us a civilized nation, in spite of the lack of literacy and education. Taking this in mind we may say that in almost every field-literature, art, music, painting, sculpture, statecraft or the science of politics, our output was by no means inferior to what may be shown as achievement elsewhere.


Our quest in search of the truth about men and ultimate reality is as old as the Upanishads. Indian philosophy reached unparalleled summits long before our brethren and others in other countries even earned to prattle in such matters. While all is true, there is still no gainsaying the fact that our religion has been responsible by persistent insistence on dharma, truthfulness, ahimsa and self-sacrifice and such like qualities, for building up a stable society based on moral foundations. The placid contentment with one’s own miserable lot might excite pity. The belief that destiny governs our acts, commissions and actions even to the smallest degree may have the effect of slacking individual efforts. It is however wrong to assume that such belief has ruled out initiative, enthusiasm and active effort to secure material ends. Our sacred books have dwelt on the value of what is known as Purushartha or human endeavor. The ultimate result-success or failure-despite the best effort are attributable to a mysterious fate. To do work incessantly, unremittingly and with full faith is our duty. the fruits of our actions are in the lap of gods. Success should not make us vain or failure need not make us sad.

We may have in India many ideological differences, especially in the fields of religion and politics. But these differences ought not divide us into hostile camps. There are many internal enemies we have to face. They are hunger, poverty, illiteracy, disease and economic depression. The procurement of food has become a vital problem. The improvement in methods of agriculture is a necessity for us. Industrial expansion is still in its initial stages. The liquidation of illiteracy is one of our biggest tasks. Elimination of disease is fundamental duty.

In the face of so many large and acute problems, that need to cooperative effort of every man and woman in this country irrespective of caste, creed and dogmas or political philosophies, we should unite together, pool our strength and resources and make a tremendous attempt to vanquish these enemies of ours. We should make our country march towards a bright destiny. this is what our illustrious late Prime Ministers, Shri Jawaharlal Lal Nehru wanted us to do. The central message of all his speeches had been “Untie and pull together with all you might, strain every nerve to make this country great and glorious.”

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