Essay On The University of Higher Education In India: Its Defects, and Suggestions for Reform

The present educational system is quite unsuitable for the needs of free India. I have given serious thought to this vital problem time and again. It is my sincere feeling that our educational system needs overhauling. So, if I ever become the education Minister of my state, or the country, I would introduce the following essential reforms:

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It is a matter of common knowledge, that our students are taught even those subjects in which they have no interest at all. Consequently, there is much waste of time an energy. Many of the educated youths remain misfits in their practical life owing to their defective education. I will, therefore, make it compulsory that psychological tests be introduced in schools and colleges. This will enable students to choose subjects of their choice. They will have planned careers from the very beginning, instead of chance careers.

Now-a-days there is over-crowding in the classes. The teacher pupil ratio is very high. Teachers fail to recognize even the faces of their students. There is no personal touch between the teacher and the taught. This is responsible for the growing indiscipline among students. If I get a chance to reform education, I will fix the maximum number of students in every class; I will adopt such measures as will bring the teacher and taught quite close to each other.


Our education is examination ridden. The ability and work of the teachers is judged by the percentage of passes. Students read only that much as is likely to help them to pass the examination. Easy and short-cut methods are popular with them. They do not get any real knowledge. They do not develop any interest for serious study. Books do not attract them. the main cause of the failing educational standard is the undue importance given to examinations. I will make every effort to check this. Intelligence tests, personal interviews, and class-room work will be given importance rather than the final examination.

The method of recruitment of teachers is very unsatisfactory. Instead of the merits and qualifications of the candidate, religion and caste are considered more important by selection bodies. This sort of sectarian and communal mentality is proving injurious to the nation. The present Higher Education Public Service Commission for the selection of teacher, is a move in the right direction. But considerable improvements in its functioning is needed. I shall try to introduce these improvements in its functioning is needed. I shall try to introduce these improvements so that only persons having real taste for learning are entrusted with this heavy responsibility.

At present there is a wide gulf between the practical life and the education which is given to students. While living within the four walls of schools and colleges, they feel as if they were living in paradise. But when they enter in actual life, their rosy dreams are shattered. They go fro door to door in search of service and return disappointed. This defect will have to be removed. Purely theoretical education should not be given. I will connect education with the actual life of the community. So the student, after completing his education, will not be dependent solely on service, but will be able to carry on some independent work of his own. Vocationalisation of education is urgently needed and I will do my best to make it a reality.

For the success of democracy it is essential that the people are educated and made conscious of their duties as good citizens. They must be trained to shun violence and work for national integration. In a country like ours all cannot send their sons and daughters to universities and colleges due to their extreme poverty. So I will make every possible effort to make education cheap. Thus, education will not be for a selected few but for all. Proper arrangements will also be made for adult classes. In this way, illiteracy would be removed at the earliest.


Now-a-days, there is mass production of graduates and post-graduates. They are only fit for clerical jobs. When they do not get service, they aggravate the problem of educated unemployment. This evil will be removed by opening more and more technical and vocational institutions.

At present there is no arrangement for moral and religious education of the young men and women who come to the universities. Nothing is done to build-up their character. The result is that India has become a nation of corrupt people. I will make moral education compulsory. Every effort would be made to inspire the students with noble ideals.

In short, if ever I become the education minister of my state, I will do my best to remove the defect from which our university education suffers at present.

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