An Essay On The Value Of Traveling For School Students

We travel for business. We travel for sight seeing. We travel for necessity. We go to Darjeeling to have a change of climate or to have a look at the mighty Himalaya.

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We go to Puri to enjoy a sea-bath, to see the sun coming out of the sea or to visit the temple of Jagannath. But who travel in our country to acquire knowledge? In Europe traveling is a necessary part of education.


Educational Value of Traveling :

The educational value of traveling can hardly be described. Bacon says that traveling is the younger is a part of education, in the elder a part of experience. Traveling teaches us better than books, for no other sense organ is more potent a factor in learning then the eye. We read, for instant, of the existence, in the past of a university named Nalanda. It is a fanciful research of a day-dreamer? We run to this spot and examine the work of excavation. Our doubts are at once removed. Our book knowledge is confirmed.

It supplements our knowledge :

Traveling supplements our book knowledge. History is made real to us. Geography is actualized. Economics is tested and challenged. Sociology is placed on a sure foundations. A visit to a place of historical interest illumine things that would otherwise have? remained hazy.


It Gives practical experience of the world :

Traveling gives us an opportunity forgetting practical experience of the world. Pope, the poet, sings that the proper study of mankind is men. The travelers come in contact with various type of people. If he moves about with an observant eye, and keeps the doors and windows of his mind open he can acquire a lot of practical knowledge about men and things of the world which no book can impart.

It is essential for health:

Traveling is also essential for healthy growth of the mind. “The mind’s health” says Tagore, “cannot be maintained on the ration books served up in motionless classes within the prison walls of the static school”.


It broadens our outlook :

Traveling broadens our mental horizon. It makes us liberal in thought and outlook. It deepens our sympathies. The varied experience enables us to see things from a new angle of vision. It develops a correct sense of value.

Its role in the promotion of trade and commerce :

Traveling gives us practical knowledge of trade and commerce. A visit to the commercial centers of the world teaches us more of commerce than all the books of commercial library. Personal contact helps to build and expand business. It quickness trade. It provides facilities to commerce.

It brings us closer to nature :

Traveling brings us closer to nature. To him nature becomes a living thing as it speaks in a language which is more impressive than any pen can ever produce. When he stands before a might mountain or is on the bosom of a ocean, he release the littleness of his own self.

Educational excursions essential for students :

It is very essential that our students should have every opportunity of travel. But by far the great majority of them can not get money required for the purpose. Our school authorities should, therefore arrange with the railway authorities for educational excursion at very cheap rate.

Conclusion :

To take the full advantage of traveling we must have eyes to see, ears to listen and a desire to learn.

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