Essay on Why Should Cricket Be Encouraged ?

The Reliance world-cup tournament, 1987, aroused unprecedented enthusiasm in this country as well as in other countries. It was watched by millions of cricket enthusiast all over the world, as it was broadcast and telecast live over the T.V and radio all over the world. The sale of tickets, too, was unprecedented. There were million crowds in all the different stadiums in which the tournaments were played. The rates of Tickets were high, but this did not damp the enthusiasm of the cricket fans. The India T.V corporation alone could get a record royalty of 25 crores.


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Of course, the amount was donated to Prime Minister’s Drought Relief Fund. This is a conclusive reply to the critics who said that Indian should not waste its funds on such shows as the world-cup tournament, for money is scarce and money was urgently needed for the relief of the drought-stricken people over large parts of the country. The unprecedented enthusiasm of the people has fully justified the holding of the tournament in India, despite so many difficulties and scarcities.

Cricket is an international recognized game, it must be encouraged and promoted in every possible way. It is an important instrument for the establishment of world peace. Teams from the far corners of the world visit the countries where the matches are played, and they often come with large continents of extras, attendants, and cricket fans. Such exchange of visits brings the nations closer together.


It is increasingly realized that human nature is basically the same, and national and regional difference are merely superficial. Such coming together of people from the different parts of the world makes the people familiar with the culture and way of life of different countries. This promotes under-standing and fellow-felling, and better understanding and knowledge results in more harmonious relations among the nations of the world. Lack of knowledge and familiarity lead to peace, friendship harmony. This is true both of relation on the individual plane and on the international plane.

Cricket, doubtlessly, is an important force for world peace. This is more so the case in more recent times matches are broadcast live on the world T.V networks. The same scenes and sights, the same thrills and sensations, are watched and shared by the people all the world-over. This fosters emotional unity, emotional and psychological coming together of people separated physically from each other by long distances. This creates a feeling of psychological and emotional oneness, draws the peoples of the world close together, and such feeling of closeness is an essential requisite for world peace.

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