Essay On Your Ideal Teacher

For a teacher to become an ideal, it is necessary that he should have some basic qualities. Students do not like an unsympathetic an harsh teacher. They can judge the real worth of a teacher within no time.

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They can make any sacrifice for their teacher, if he has created that much of confidence in them. They worship a teacher, who always remains impartial and treats all his students alike. The worth of a teacher is not measured by them by the number of suits he owns, but by the amount of help which he renders to them. If he is fearless, earnest and sincere in the discharge of his duties and is sympathetic towards his students, then he is bound to be the object of their devotion and admiration.

A teacher who always finds fault with the work of his students is an object of fear for them. In their childish games and youthful vigour students do not like checks. If anyone is strict and does not allow them freedom, he becomes the object of their criticism. But such a teacher builds up an everlasting impression on the minds of his pupils. Often in their later life they silently worship him as their ideal. So the question of the selection of an ideal teacher does not arise. He is enshrined in the hearts of his students.


I had the good fortune f reading in good schools and colleges. All the teachers were admired by some and criticized by others. Those who were hard working and hard task masters were loved and respected by sincere students. But they were objects of criticism on the part of the careless students. Such students showered their praises on those who were lenient and did not care if the students worked or not. But they were not liked by the studious and intelligent ones. From among the various teachers who taught me, I would like to mention the two who inspire me even to-day.

I always find the image of late Dr. B.R. Chatterjee before my mind’s eye, whenever the word teacher is spoken, his long, erect, healthy body, always smiling face with an angelic expression on it, gives me immense pleasure even to-day, whenever that figure comes to my mind. I do not remember even a single occasion when he did not help me at my request. The vastness of his knowledge deeply impressed me, but he was never proud of it. Even after his retirement and in spite of his weak health, he was busy in the pursuit of knowledge. A rare combination of learning and gentleness was he indeed! I shall never be able to forget him. He is always with me and will continue to guide me throughout my life.

Another ideal teacher is Dr. V. Puri. In spite of his extraordinary academic attainments, he displays extreme simplicity. There is no element of show in his personality. Though a figure of international fame yet one does not feel it, when one comes in contact with him. He has dedicated his whole life to the cause of education. He is a book by himself. Not a single moment of his time is waste. He never allows his students to be idle on undisciplined. Besides these qualities, he possess so many other qualities that. I draw inspiration from him. He is always before me like a beacon light. I consider him to be an ideal teacher.

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