Essay on The Criminalization Of Politics

A large number of cases have come to light to indicate that the unholy alliance between the organized crime, the politicians and the bureaucrats have reached an alarming state.

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In many cases criminals are found to be aided an abetted by politicians and bureaucrats. The intelligence agencies have told that nexus between them has become a pervasive reality. Although the malady existed earlier at lower levels and in few states, it has now encompassed the whole network of administrative apparatus of the country.

If one goes into the history of origin and development of this murky nexus, one finds that these organized cries commerce with petty crimes relating to illicit distillation, gambling, smuggling and sale of banned goods and narcotic. Obviously, these activities are carried on under the patronage of local administration and politicians. The money thus acquired by mafia is shared among the partners. This money is also used by mafia is building contacts with high bureaucrats and politicians. It is with this money that a network of muscle power is built, which is at times used by politicians for their election and other purposes. This money-making has turned to be the order of the day. With this money the musclemen, the gangs of criminals have acquired substantial financial soundness, social respectability and vital connections in governmental machinery at all levels. It is on account of their massive influence in political and administrative circles that they have become a law unto themselves land law and order machinery has become incapable of taking any action against them. These gangs and their nefarious activities enjoy the patronage of politicians, of course for a price, as-well-as of the government functionaries. The corrupt bureaucrats tailor their advice to what they feel would be welcomed by their political chiefs. Thus self-seeking officers patronizing corrupt political masters are able to commandeer coveted assignments. The cumulative result if fattest and maximum deterioration of the political and bureaucratic sub-system.


A quick survey of our policies of socialist orientation will reveal that they did no lead to any betterment of under-privileged, improvised social sectors. They, have instead, feathered the nests of politicians, big business and obliging bureaucracy. in India politician-criminal and bureaucrat nexus has extended maximum support to each-other for building an exclusive, inaccessible empire of their own. This meteoric rise of the politicians-criminals and bureaucracy has given rise to proliferation of extra constitutional power centers, which have rendered the constitutional arrangement irrelevant.

A 5 member committee headed by Former Home Secretary Shri N.N. Vohra was appointed in July 1993 to take stock of the activities of crime syndicates, which had developed strong links with the Government functionaries and politicians. The committee made a in-depth study of the issue. Its report was presented to the Parliament on August 1, 1995. The report gave an alarming picture of the situation and concluded that the crime syndicates were running almost a parallel economy. The committee recommended setting up of a ‘nodal agency’ to keep a watch on the crime syndicates.

Now, the fact is that this nexus has grown very strong. One can easily imagine the scenario like to emergence. Corruption is multifaceted problem and need a multi-pronged strategy to tackle it. Establishing and strengthening institutions like Lokayukta and Lok Pal may go a long way in this regard. There is no instant solution to the menace of corruption. No event of magic and gimmick can succeed in its eradication. It needs a societal intervention and a long struggle to cleanse the public life. We can only hope that with honest educated and committed people life. We can only hope that with honest educated and committed people entering politics, a more responsible and straightforward relationship will develop between politicians and bureaucracy. Societal intervention will isolate the crime syndicates. Therefore, the need of the hour is to break the nexus and save the democracy.

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