An Essay On The Crow For School Students

The crow is a common bird. it is found everywhere. it is of many varieties.

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Shape and size :

The crow is about one foot and a half in length. It is quite black. It has no gloss in any part of its body. It has patch of grey feather about its neck. these feather add to its ugliness. it has two little legs which are dis-shaped. They have no symmetry with its body.


Habits :

Its flights is very awkward. It generally files in a straight line. It is very greedy. It lives upon fruits, sweets and flesh. it eats anything it comes across. It feels delight in eating rotten things which we throw in the streets. it picks up worms, small fish and frogs with short beak. its eye-sight is defective. it compensates this defect by its. No bird in the world is as cunning as the crow is.

Its Voice

The crow has a very harsh voice. It is very disagreeable to the ear. The crow caws. Crows begin to make terrible noise just at dawn. They caw just after the cock crows.


Superstitious Beliefs

The crow is an ugly bird. hence, nobody thinks of rearing it in homes, like parrot, pigeon or the peacock. The crow is connected with many superstitious beliefs in the minds of the Hindus. Sani or Saturn, the god of ill luck, rides upon the crow. The cawing of a crow at mid-day is said to foretell evil. It is believed that the crow is the chief among the messengers of Yama, the god of death. Another superstitious among the Hindus about it is that their ancestors eat ‘Pind’ on every anniversary of their death in the form of crows. If the crow does not touch the food given to it, on that day, it shows some defect in performing of “Shradha”. Thus, though the crow is disliked on account of its voice, habits and shape, it is very important to the religious rites of the Hindus.

A story of its Cleverness

Once a boy was going on a street. he had some sweets in his hands. The boy in fun showed the sweets to a crow. When the crow drew near, he put them into his mouth. But the crow did not lose heart. it sat on the boy’s head and began to peck at it. The boy began to cry out. The sweets came out of his mouth. The crow ran away with the sweets.



The crow is nature’s scavenger in tows and villages. It removes rotten flesh and other bad things from the country.

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