Idiomatic Essay On “The Knowledge Is Power”

The proverb implies that the ability or potential of a person increases with the attainment of knowledge. Education imparts knowledge and the development of mental status mainly depends on the education or knowledge. So education is that powerful medium which affects the socio-economic development of and individual along with the health, hygiene, demographic profile and productivity of the society.


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It also plays an important role in raising the standard of living. But, the opposite i.e.. power is knowledge, is often more true in the sense that power decides which knowledge, is often more true in the sense that power decides which knowledge is produced in a given social setting and gets to count as knowledge in discourse and decision-making.

Power here is not that which in acquired by conquering people and imposed on the citizens but power here means constant craving for attaining knowledge. Power is the ability to change someone’s life, to shape his perception, to make things work for him and not against him. Thus, real power is shared and not imposed. It is the ability to define human needs and to fulfill them, it is the ability to produce the result on desire most and create value for others in the process. In this regard his needs and needs of the people must be taken care of. So it is the ability to direct one’s own personal kingdom. As his own thought processes and his own behavior are, so is his ability to produce the precise results to desires.


Learning, knowledge and power are all interlinked and they build personality, although personality development depends on the atmosphere the person lived in and the adjustment of the person with the environment because it leads to learning as the person has to make several adjustments with the environment like social, economical, political and moral adjustments. Learning process is, therefore, very important to acquire the quality of knowledge or education. Learning is a process by which the individual acquires various habits and attitudes along with different kinds of knowledge that are necessary to meet the demands of life in general. It is a mental activity which brings abut modification or progressive change in the neutral behavior.

Generally we repeat old behaviors and bring about stability in the modified experiences and behavior. the highest purpose of intellectual cultivation is attained when it gives man a perfect knowledge and master over his own inner self.

Knowledge plays a vital role in our life. It trains our mental level and guides us to do better in life. It is like a candle which gives light in the darkness. knowledge develops humanitarian and democrat values in the formation of the persons, society and the nation. Knowledge or education means drawing out of the latent powers and all round development of the facilities of a human being. It means certain rules and regulations are to be followed where proper education is concerned. For welfare and progress, discipline and virtue are very essential whether it be an individual, a group, a society, a nation or world. for that matter it may be a cause of the world. it may be mentioned here that for want of knowledge, know-how and disciplined living most of our countrymen appear dejected and pulled down or without any enthusiasm. They seemed to be having no goal in life. Knowledge makes one’s life powerful, self reliant and self confident. tolerant life is possible through knowledge. To draw out the bet, especially the latent powers of an individual, is thought to be the main function of an education system. Where there is no knowledge, there is confusion, disorder and ultimately acquisition of bad experiences in the life of a person. Knowledge makes one’s life exemplary which inspires others to follow the path of progress, as it is rightly said that values driven are the values created. Many people find fault in the present system of education, yet we will say that the present system has its own merits. Otherwise it would ot have produced great men like Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Swami Vivekananda, Lokamanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Mahatma Gandhi, Subhash Bose and the likes who looked widely into the different aspects of the role of knowledge in the development of human beings.

In the present set up of the society, skill and knowledge have acquired top priorities. No doubt knowledge plays a significant role for all round development of an individual. In modern times, Mukesh Ambani, Anil Ambani, Ratan Tata, Kumarmangalam birla, Prem Azim and the Indian middle class hero N.R. Narayana Murthy- all have emerged as a strong voice for compassionate capitalism and corporate ethics. All the aforesaid persons are leading contributors to enhancement in the power of the nation and realization of a doorstep vision for rural Indian shining. Amartya Sen, a Nobel laureate in Economics, often regarded as the conscience keeper of economies profession, has put forward how knowledge in a deeper sense can be acquired in this empowered society.


Many times knowledge has been manipulated for the destructive use and spreading among the people. Cyber crime, release of Anthrax envelops and terrorism etc. are the best example of it. besides politicians also come under the category who manipulate the knowledge for the betterment of self.

In olden days great men like Gautama Buddha and Mahavir left the comforts of life in search of knowledge to acquire power and when attained it after a long dedication they preached the philosophy of life to the people. Knowledge stimulated their inner sense and they understood the reality of life which they shared with the people for their happiness. Thus in a generalized sense, knowledge develops positive thinking in human beings and brings happiness.

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