Idiomatic Essay On “Time And Tide Wait For None”

Time is the most precious thing for a man as it comes only once in someone’s life and never stays long. Whether favorable or unfavorable, time is gone once means it never returns just like tide. Thus, the popular proverb goes like “Time and Tide wait for none”.

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It is seen that some people miss the bus for a while escape the severe accidents. Likewise a scientist discovers a valuable finding at a particular point of time which he had missed by chance means eh might not have got the credit of finding that. Although all these are matter of fate nevertheless time does not wait for anybody. If we fail to act when time is ripped, we miss the chance and curse our fate for ever. So it is advisable to do every work at an appropriate time so that one would never repent for the time wasted. In fact, he should wit patiently for the proper and favorable time, so that success will come easily and time will be used best.

In every field time has its own importance. If a farmer had not sown the seeds in proper season he would not get the paddy as thought. Similarly, the game of football one extra minute may also make a difference as during that one minute a player could score a goal against the opponent tem and the game would be over with an 1:0 score in spite of simple draw. To add another example, if a doctor would not reach at the right time the patients life will not be saved. Thus, time is very important for every work to be completed as required.


In olden days there were now watches an people used to do their working following the direction of the Sun, even though people were sincere and punctual at those days. But today even after innumerable inventions and a lot developments people used to complain that they don’t have time. Is it that the time in olden days was long and today it is short? Not at all. Then where is the problem? Actually problem exists in time management. As time wasted never returns and today people are wasting a lot of time wandering they are experiencing the time short, so the complaint. For instance when the students have the time, they waste it in unnecessary discussions, love and student politics etc. but when examination comes nearer they start studying and complain for time short as they could not use the time left in a proper manner. Here a saying comes to mind, “Time is short, not for rest, think your aim and do your best”.

Have we ever thought of the importance of time. If not, then we should give attention towards it –

To known the value of one year, ask the student who failed.

To know the value of one month, ask the mother of a premature baby.


To know the value of one week, ask the editor of a weekly.

To know the value of one day, ask the daily wage worker.

To know the value of one minute, ask the passenger who missed the train.

To know the value of one second, ask the person who escaped an accident.


Thus, scheduled management of time can give a person more time to do what he wants, improve his availability, improve his decision making, improve his health, improve his productivity, efficiently and effectiveness, make him easier to work with, make him feel more relaxed, minimize the risk he takes and most importantly reduces stress. So following steps should be taken to manage time.

Keep a time record. fix time for each activity and see that the work is completed within the time frame.

Short term goals: Set the goal for each day, week or a month, so that you can make sure that the time is spent in a systematic manner.

Planning- Plan and use your time in such a way that you have a clear idea of what you want to do with the day, make out a definite programme, know what you like doing with your leisure. Plan your work, organize it before you start, fix a time limit for each job and do your best to complete it within that time, learn to do things the right way- with ease and speed, eliminate all unnecessary moment, have the materials which you require at hand so that you can reach them without having to get up and walk around, try to do something useful with odd minutes like those spend waiting for bus or train i.e. read a book or plan your next job. Be punctual about appointments. Talking to people is fine but too much can become a vice.

Interruptions- Don’t’ allow any one to disturb you when you are doing an important work.

Relaxation- Relaxation is also important, so do spare for it.

Avoid overworking- Avoid overworking and try to begin and end the work in schedule time. Thus, make schedules to execute your work in a fruitful manner.

Meetings- Plan and prepare for conducting a meeting which will help in saving time and dealing with the subjects in an orderly manner.

Squandering time versus valid Downtime- Don’t squander time on low priority things during the time set aside for high priority goals. For example don’t watch television during the study time.

Doing it right the first time- The biggest thief of your valuable times is doing a sloppy job when you get down to work. If you are not bothered to do it right the first time, then you will not be motivated to do it ever.

Procrastination- Overcome these hurdles in the best possible manner. You must prepare and set study goals, imagine the pain, imagine the pleasure and give yourself permission to procrastinate some things, like giving a car a tuning.

Live and work at steady rhythm- Once you master the art of working steadily, you will certainly make the best use of time.

If you put these suggestions into practice and remember that if wealth is lost it can be regained but not the time, then you will be the happiest person in the world.

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