Argumentative essay on need of defense weapons and arguments on purchasing them in India


(1) Introduction

(2) Indian Need of Weapons

(3) Development In our Country


(4) Arguments on purchasing Weapon

(5) Conclusion

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In this new world of technology every country is making heavy de­structive weapons to make them secured from foreign country’s attack. For safety reason or to make more powerful defense system various countries purchase weapons from other highly technological advanced countries. Again some countries make or purchase weapons to compete with other country as the most powerful nation of the world, because those have more weapons are treated as more powerful nation.


As we know our country is a well-developed country having own resources to develop various type of weapon still we are buying advanced and technically high weapons from foreign countries for our self-defense. Our neighbours like Pakistan, China are the main cause to force us for the weapon contest. Today, Pakistan needs the Kashmir issue more than ever. Pakistan has been supporting the Taliban terrorists all through and lets some of those ter­rorists move into Kashmir. Truly speaking Pakistan is more dangerous to us as compare to China. Again the terrorist act in some of our interior region like Assam, Andhra Pradesh hold the key attraction of the military force.

Due to meager resources in developing countries, they are depen­dent on other developed countries. Our country also depend on some more technologically strong and developed countries. Besides this we also making weapons and research are going on by different Defence production Under­taking like HAL (Hindustan Aeronautics Limited), BEL (Bharat Electronics Limited). BEML (Bharat Earth Movers Limited) and BDL (Bharat Dynamics Limited. All this research centers are engaged in how to develop high quality with advanced technologically strong weapons only for our self-defense. Of course we succeed to develop high range missiles like Agni, Prithiv, Akash and tanker like Arjun, still we have to go on. These achievements are the award for our scientists and inspiration to go forward. But as of we know our neighbours are also developing and purchasing more powerful weapons from foreign countries to give us defeat. Considering the situations our nation has no other option except to purchase weapons.

To grasp Kashmir Pakistan had tried four times with an open war in 1947, in 1965, in 1971 and in 1999. But every time it suffered shameful defeat. This is due to our brave soldiers and the weapons that we have. We purchase high quality weapons or technology from other countries. But unfortunately each time we decide to purchase anything there arise an argument. One of the major arguments is the “Bofors Tank Issue”. Bofors is the name of Swedish Tank manufacturing company. A case was filled against this Company, for giving bribe to The Indian Bureaucrats for making forged documents at the time of Late Rajiv Gandhi Government. Again during operation Vijay in 1999, an argument of wasting 10.5 billion foreign currencies had targeting our De­fence Ministry. Another argument arises that is not for weapon purchasing, but related to defence ministry. The argument is regarding the purchase of Coffin for the same operation Vijay.

As we all know Pakistan is not happy with our development and help the terrorist for their terrorism act in Kashmir. The fact is that Pakistan’s hate campaign against India started the day it was born. Pakistan has the long history of sending terrorists across its border. This cross border terrorism has already taken a hundred thousands lives. Again we have no good relation with another neighbor China. Of course now all the nations try for bring peace, still we have to alert for the war at any time. Now the time has come, that we should think of self-made advanced technology to prevent the arguments on purchas­ing them. The Defence Research Development Organization is now steps in the field of defense related technologies and developed many high quality weapons. Our defense related bureaucrats has to think about our nations security before any foul play. They have to be very honest and make a common decision before purchasing weapons from other countries.

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