Article on Town-Life vs. country life

An essay on town-life vs. country life.


Some people say that villages are made by God, but towns are made by men. At first there were only villages and not towns. Some villages become very prosperous by trade or by manufacture. Many people flock there for their livelihood. Population increases and the small villages are soon turned into big towns. Thus Durgapur in West Bengal, Rourkela in Orissa, Jamshedpur in Bihar were originally villages, but now they have become prosperous industrial towns. Even Calcutta, the largest city in India, was originally a combination of three villages.

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Advantages of town-life

Town-life has many advantages. In a town, we can live comfortably if, of course, we have enough money. We can easily get all sorts of things in a town. We can go easily from one part of the town to another. The roads are good. There is good arrangement of lighting the streets. There are carriages, motor cars, buses, tram cars, etc. in a town. We have many good schools and colleges there. There are many doctors there. We can get their help when we need it, if we have money to spare. There are hospitals in a town. Poor people can go to the hospitals for treatment. There are Post and Telegraph offices. We can know much about the world if we live in a town. We can read daily newspapers. If we are unable to purchase them, we can read them in a public library. In a town there is good arrangement of the Police. Our lives and property are safer there. There are cinemas and theatres for our amusement. People have got greater opportunities to earn money in the town.

Disadvantages of town-life

But there are many disadvantages also in the town. There is hardly any peace of mind in the town. People are busy all day long. The houses are close to one another. There is not much open space. The town is full of dust and smoke. We cannot inhale pure air there. We cannot always get fresh fish and vegetables. Their price is also high in the town. We cannot always get pure milk or ghee. It is not safe to walk carelessly in the streets in a town, because there are private motor cars, buses, lorries, taxis, trams, carriages, etc., all running along the streets at a break-neck speed. There are also many kinds of temptations. They may lead us to ruin. The town-life is not at all comfortable for the poor who live in wretched huts in unhealthy quarters.


Advantages of country-life

The country-life is very simple and peaceful. We enjoy there many beautiful sights of Nature. We see green fields and beautiful flowers. We see the birds singing on the trees. We can enjoy fresh and pure air. We can get fresh fish, fruit and vegetables. We can get pure milk and ghee. All these things are cheap in the country. People can live in the country with a small income. Their wants are few. The people in the country know one another. Hence one helps one’s neighbours in times of danger and difficulties.

Disadvantages of country-life

But there are disadvantages also in the country. The roads are not good. There is no light in the roads at night. The number of good schools is not many. There is scarcely any college in the village. There are very few public libraries. People cannot learn much about the world. For these reasons their ideas are narrow. In many villages, there is no Post and Telegraph office. Life and property are not safe here as in the town. We cannot get all things even if we have money to spare. Good doctors are very few in the country. Sometimes we have to run to the nearest town for doctors, medicines and other necessaries of life.



It is difficult to say whether country-life is better or the town-life is better. Some like the country-life, and some the town-life. In some respects the country-life is better than the town-life. Then again, the town-life also is better than the country-life in some respects. Our National Government is trying to improve the condition of the villages. Under its development scheme, it may be expected that people of the villages will enjoy many amenities of the town-life. Then more people will be attracted to live in the villages.

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