Check your Essay in 5 minutes !

Without wasting time, let me tell you, the easiest method to check your essay by yourself. You can take the printout of the below given template and then check your writing according.

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Below you can find five quick stages of essay checking. Have a look on the points and make a question from it and make sure that your essay includes that point. Self introspection is the best way to check your essay. If you have any question you can ask me in the below given comment system.

Essay Checking Tips and Tricks


Stage 1 – Ideas Checker

  • Find out the central idea for your essay.
  • Make sure that the central idea is engaging, meaningful, intellectually-demanding, and thought-provoking to an academic audience.
  • Find a specific and debatable claim about this idea controls the essay.
  • Make sure that the framing, scope, and approach of the essay are appropriate to the writing situation and audience.

Stage 2 – Development Checker

  • Major ideas are explored clearly and logically.
  • The essay acknowledges and addresses complexity, nuance, and implication of ideas.
  • Evidence is strategically chosen, interpreted, and integrated to illustrate major ideas.
  • Evidence is concrete, specific, and accurate.
  • Progression through supporting material guides the audience through the essay’s reasoning process.

Stage 3 – Global and Local Organization Checker

  • The essay is content-driven and unfolds in a recognizable, coherent order.
  • Transitions signal relationships among larger parts of the essay.
  • The essay works systematically to develop, distinguish, link, and revisit key ideas.
  • The opening propels readers forward with a clear sense of direction and approach.
  • The ending uses shared understanding between reader and writer to sustain focus and interest in ideas.
  • Structure serves content and avoids formula inappropriate to the writing situation, audience, or topic.

Stage 4 – Expression and Style Checker

  • Choices in language are both correct and precise to create nuance and meaning.
  • Phrasing is crafted for clarity and audience effect.
  • The persona is engaging and appropriate to the situation.
  • From title to end, the essay is composed to engage a specific audience with a specific topic.
  • Stylistic risks enhance the reader’s experience of topic.


Stage 5 – Grammar, Conventions, and Presentation Checker

  • The essay is attentive to complete assignment directions, including expectations, constraints, and format.
  • The essay conforms to accepted conventions of grammar, punctuation, spelling, documentation, and capitalization.
  • Sentence difficulties are rare and easily untangled.
  • Mechanics of the essay effectively disappear behind content.
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