Controversial Essay on police brutality. Lathi Charge on a Procession

It is a common feature in every democratic country to take out processions or stage dharna to express the resentment of the people against one thing or the other. Sometimes, however, the demonstrators turn violent and the police have to charge them with lathis. If this fails to have the desired effect the police have to resort to firing also or to burst tear gas shells.

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The other day, the Bhartiya Janata Party organised a procession to express its resentment against the soaring prices of all the necessaries of life. They decided to go to the Boat Club and then proceed to the Parliament House to submit their memorandum to the Government.

The District Magistrate of Delhi clamped curfew in the whole city prohibiting the gathering of more than five persons and holding of any type of demonstration. The Bhartiya Janata Party decided to take out the procession in defiance of the order. They set out from the Red Fort. There were only a few hundred people in the procession which passed thorough the main streets peacefully till it reached the Boat Club. Here the processionists held a big rally and listed all their demands. They then marched towards the Parliament House to submit their memoranda.


Soon they found their way blocked by the police. They tried to make their way but the police had cordoned off the whole area and it was not possible to break through it. In the meantime the Inspector General of police arrived. He had a word with the processionists but the demonstrators paid no heed to him. Instead they became violent and began to throw brick-bats on the police.

The Magistrate on duty, thereupon, ordered the demonstrators to disperse. When this failed, he ordered lathi charge. The policemen took out their lathis and charged the crowd. Many people were injured. The leaders were taken into custody and were carried away in the police vans waiting nearby. The crowd grew restless but they had to yield before the superior force and therefore went away. The injured were taken to the hospital for treatment.

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