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Cows are useful animals. Many people keep cows. Some people like them very much. I have a cow. Her name is Champa.

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Champa is six years old. She is four feet high. Her color is black. There is a white spot on her forehead. She has two horns. The horns are small and straight. She has a long tail. There is a tuft of white hair at the end of it. Champa has good health. She is calm and quite. She knows me well. She knows my voice. She comes to me when I call her. She rubs her neck against my thigh. She raises her face and looks into y eyes. I pat her on the cheeks. I move my palm gently on her body. I like my Champa and she likes me too.

How I take care of Champa

I like my Champa. So, I take care of her. I keep her neat ad clean. I wash her body with soap and water. I tie her with a clear rope. This rope is soft and comfortable. I tie her in a clean compound. I clean her shed quite well. Her shed is as good as my house. I feed her four times a day. I cut the straws into small bits ad soak them is water. Then she chews them well. I give her very soft grass. I give her the pulp of grams. She also drinks gruel with salt. I clean her manger with much care. AT night I tie her to a peg in the shed. The shed is filled with dung smoke. It is a preventive against gnats and mosquitoes.



I like my Champa most. She has a nice calf. I must look after it with utmost care. Champa is milch. But I won’t milk her now. Her milk is left for the calf for two months to come. I like Champa most. She will never be sold. She will never be given.

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