Earn $ 2000 by participating in Alpha Omega Alpha Helen H. Glaser Student Essay Contest

If you are a student of this institution then you are grab the opportunity to earn $ 2000 by participating and winning the  Alpha Omega Alpha Helen H. Glaser Student Essay Contest.

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To encourage medical students to address nontechnical topics in medicine, Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society instituted this competition to recognize and reward excellent and thoughtful student compositions.



$2000 first, $750 second, $500 third, and honorable mention awards of $250 each. Prizes will  be paid after the receipt of required documentation (see Requirements for winning essays, below).


Authors must be enrolled at medical schools with active chapters (Class of 2009 or  later), but need not be members of . Only one entry may be submitted by an author.



Entries must be postmarked no later than January 31, 2009, and sent by first-class mail, express mail, or by courier. Winners will be announced about May 1, 2009.

Requirements for the essays:

Essays must be written while the student is in medical school, must be the work of a single author, and must represent original work.
The essay may be on any nontechnical subject related to medicine, including ethics, history, education, philosophy, and policy. Well-referenced, scholarly fiction is an acceptable genre.
The manuscript must not exceed 15 double- spaced pages of 12-point type with minimum 1-inch margins.
Unique references, numbered consecutively,  are limited to 20. (Reference citation of web sites is  not acceptable unless a site is the sole source of the  information or has official academic credentials. Examples of acceptable sites are official government  web pages such as that of the National Institutes of  Health.)

The paper must not have been offered to or published by any other journal and must be submitted to The Pharos, the official publication of , which has the right of first refusal.

Requirements for winning essays


When notified that they have received an award, authors of  all winning papers must provide documentation of  references in photocopy as follows: title pages of all  books cited; the first and last pages of book chapters  cited; the table of contents of the particular issue of  the journal in which a cited article appeared; all  quotations, from the primary sources, including page numbers. The author’s Social Security number will  be required for payment of the award.  Errata: Authors may present their essays at  national meetings. Papers not accepted for The Pharos but published elsewhere should include the  following acknowledgment: Submitted as an entry in  the 2009 Alpha Omega Alpha Student Essay Competition.

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