Essay on A Day in the Life of a Nurse

A nurse is a symbol of dedicated service to the cause of suffering humanity. She is the ministering angel who, like the Lady with the Lamp, spends her life in the service of the sick and the wounded.

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For a nurse, the day begins with the first rays of the sun. She takes a hurried meal. She dresses herself in a spotless white uniform and reports for duty. She is assigned the work by the head-nurse. She goes to the ward, takes charge from the nurse on night duty and then sets to work.

First of all she sees that the ward is washed and properly cleaned. She then arranges for the bed pans, supplies new bed sheets to the patients and sees that everything is spick and span.


Having done this, she goes from bed to bed. She looks at the chart hanging on the bed of the patients. She notes down their temperatures. She enquires after the health of each patient and then gives them medicine. She is gentle and polite to everyone. She never loses her temper even when the patients tire her out with continuous enquiries.

She supervises the distribution of breakfast to the patients. She sees to it that each patient is served his food strictly according to the instructions of the doctor. When the doctor comes on his round, she is there to explain how each patient is recovering. She receives instructions from him and supplies the medicine accordingly.

The nurse keeps all the things in perfect order. The medicines which she needs are already there. The new medicines prescribed by the doctor are obtained from the medical store. She sees that the patients are given medicine at the right time.

When she is free from her duties or is not attending to the patients, she relaxes in her duty-room. She does not leave the premises, for she might be urgently needed any time. She has instructions to call the doctor if there is anything serious.


At noon she once again goes round the ward. She enquires about the health of each patient. She gives them medicines according to the doctor’s instructions. Now it is lunch time. Lunch is served to the patients according to their needs. The nurse is continuously there to supervise the distribution of food.

At two o’clock her duty is over. She hands over the charge to another nurse and walks to her room. There she changes her clothes and goes back home. The feeling that she is living for the benefit of others sustains her in her work. Hers is, indeed, a dedicated life.

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