Essay on a day in the life of a Postman

A postman is a public servant and does a job of great responsibility. He goes about delivering letters, registered articles and money-orders. He works in the heat of the sun in summer and cold winds in winter. He performs his duty even when it is raining hard. He is punctual and regular. The lover waits for him to receive a letter from his beloved. A businessman waits for him anxiously for his dak, while an applicant is pleased to have a letter of appointment which he might bring with him. He is thus a person who is anxiously awaited by one and all.

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Yet all that may be said about him, the man is poor and can hardly make both ends meet. He is poorly paid and, therefore, goes about collecting money on festival days. A day in the life of a postman begins when he is called on duty at the post office. He has his own area where he delivers the letters. At the post office he is given a bundle of letters, etc. of his area. He arranges them in order and then sets out.

He knows his job. He delivers letters at the addresses according to their house numbers. This work keeps him very busy till he has delivered all his dark. Sometimes, he has to deliver registered letters and a money orders. On that particular day he has to be very careful. He delivers money orders only to those whom he knows or when the addressee is witnessed by a respectable person of the locality. The work is, indeed, full of great responsibility. After lunch he once again goes back to the post office. He receives another bundle of letters. He delivers them to the addressees and his day’s work comes to an end.

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