Essay on A Day in the Life of a Teacher

Teaching is considered a noble profession. Let us see how a teacher works in a day. ‘Plain living and high thinking’ is the teacher’s motto of life. He is a living example for the boys to follow. He influences his pupils to a great extent. The teacher gets up early in the morning at 5 o’clock with the crowing of the cock. After the call of nature, he takes his bath. He says his prayers to God and then takes his breakfast.

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At 6.30 A.M. he leaves for school. He never gets late. He is always punctual. At quarter to seven in the morning he reaches the school. He maintains discipline among the boys of his class and section under his charge in the Prayer Assembly. Then he takes the roll call. Now begins his round of duties. He teaches his subject from class to class in different periods. He is found using chalk-sticks so his hands become white with chalk. He washes his hands after the period is over. He checks written work in his vacant periods. He goes to the library and reads and equips himself with knowledge.

He chats with his fellow-teachers during recess and takes his lunch. Again he starts teaching and teaches till the school is over at 1P.M.In the evening he goes to the, playground. He takes active part in games and thus encourages his pupils not by his mere presence but by playing with them. Then he goes back home. He takes his supper, he chats with his kids and enjoys their company. His wife too fans him after doing household duties. Finally the teacher reads magazines or newspaper and then retires to bed.

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