Essay on A Day in the Life of Doctor

Medical profession is a noble profession. A doctor, if he is true to his work, looks after the ailing humans. Day in and day out he is busy in his noble work of lessening human misery. He treats the patients. He gives them the medicine they need or prescribes it if it is not available with him. He has a word of cheer for everyone. He fills the heart of the patients with hope. He is thus angel employed to fight against the disease.

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A day in the life of a doctor begins at dawn. No sooner is he up than he gets ready for the day’s work. After a short breakfast he goes to his clinic. The patients are already there. He sees each in turn and prescribes medicines. This round of duty continues right up to mid-day or even later.

After he has disposed of all the patients, he goes home. He takes his lunch and then rests for a while. Even at this time he is not quite relaxed. The telephone rings again and again. He replies to the queries of his patients with perfect calm and a sense of humor.


In the afternoon he sets out again. He visits the patients, from whom he has received a call. It is quite late when he is free. He then goes to his Clinic. The patients have been waiting impatiently and he prescribes medicines. As soon as he is free, he once again visits some patients. It is late at night that he goes back home.

The dinner is ready. He takes his meals and then goes to bed. This is in short his daily routine for six days of the week. On Sundays he is free and takes up only such cases as cannot be postponed for the next day. The busy life is not without its reward. He earns a handsome amount everyday and leads a happy life.

The doctor’s life is, indeed very busy particularly on days when there is an outbreak of flu or malaria. In those days he is awfully busy and has hardly any time for rest and recreation.

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