Essay on A Day of a Mishaps

How fresh in my memory are the events of last! I woke up early, had my bath and then sat down to study. I had hardly been busy for a few minutes when a cat jumped after a mouse and in so doing broke my lamp. It was still dark. I could not continue my studies. So I lay down my book and waited for the day break.


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It seemed very long. At last the sun rose. There was light. I again sat down to study. I had a lot of work to do. The time passed quickly. It was now time for school. I got ready. I had my breakfast and then set out for school. Hardly had I covered a mile even when the tyre of my cycle was punctured. I searched my pockets for money. I had not a paise. I had, therefore, to walk on foot.

I reached school late. The teacher was angry. I was made to stand up on the last bench. I tried to explain my position but he would not listen to me. I cursed my bad luck and quietly submitted to the insult.


It was now recess. I came out of the classroom. I thanked my stars that something worse had not happened. But there is no knowing what is in store for a person. I jumped over a railing and in so doing injured my foot badly. My friend took me to the dispensary. My foot was bleeding. The compounder was nowhere to be found. He had gone to the Boarding House where a boy was taken seriously ill.

I actually fainted owing to the loss of blood. At last the compounder came. He dressed the wound. I came back to the classroom. I was now limping. The teacher took pity on me. He asked the monitor to take me home. I gathered my books. My chemistry book was not there. Someone had taken it away. It was a new book and I lad bought it only the other day.

I was sorry for the loss of the book. I was afraid my father would be very angry with me. I was, however, helpless. I informed the teacher about the loss and set out for home. Ill luck still seemed to dog my footsteps. I hailed a scooter-rickshaw. I took my seat in it. I hoped to reach home in a short while. The scooter moved. I was only half way when it stopped working. I was asked to hire another. But there was no money to be paid. I stayed on till the scooter could-be repaired.

It took the scooterist full one hour to set it right. At last it started. I reached home. My mother was not at home. I, therefore, borrowed the money from my neighbor and paid off the scooter. I went into the room. The books lay as I had left them. I arranged them and sat down on my cot to muse over the events of the day.


It was a fine day in October but it had turned out to be particular bad for me. The rebukes of the teacher, the accident, the loss of the book, and the delay in reaching home, all tormented me. I now came to the conclusion that misfortune never comes alone.

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