Essay on a Day on the Life of an Air Hostess

An air hostess is a young lady employed in an aircraft She looks to the needs and comforts of the passengers travelling by air. She is good-looking, dresses herself neatly and is fluent in various languages like English, French, German and other foreign languages. She is a clever girl and knows a bit of everything. She can be a nurse to an ailing child or a sick passenger. She keeps her box of medicines with her. She can fondle a weeping baby. She supplies breakfast to the passengers. She is thus an angel to the passengers in the plane.

Makeup, Skincare and Fitness Secrets of an Air Hostess

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The day of an air hostess begins as soon as she has a telephone call summoning her to a particular aircraft in which she has to fly. She arranges her hair in a particular way and her eyes penciled in a particular fashion. Her dress too is of the latest style and cut.

As soon as she is ready, the staff bus of the air-lines picks her up from her residence. Once at the airport, she contacts the airlines official and receives her orders. She is provided with a list of passengers so that she might conduct the passengers to their respective seats.


The plane takes off according to schedule and the air-hostess begins her work. She has a very busy time indeed. She arranges the breakfast if it a morning flight. During the day she arranges lunch. She moves between passengers and the pantry supplying them whatever they need. In short, she gives prompt and efficient service to all.

This is not all that she does. She instructs the passengers from time to time during the flight. She sees to it that the passengers are properly strapped to their seats when the plane flies up or comes down. She does not mind cracking a joke or two with the passengers. Ever laughing, ever smiling, she is on her legs doing all sorts of odd jobs for the passengers.

An air hostess is, indeed, a girl of iron nerves and does not mind facing dangers or else it will be impossible for her to do her work. When the plane is about to land, she issues necessary instructions to the passengers. She tells them everything about the place they are arriving at and the number of hours they can be away to the city and the things they can see. As long as the air hostess is in the air, she is busy but as soon as the plane lands, her duty ends till such time as she is free. At that time she is free to go anywhere she likes.

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