Essay on a dream i had

Soon I was in dreamland. I saw that I had turned a—a great scientist working for the good of mankind. I had already made several inventions. I had invented a new type of plough capable of doing ten times the work which a farmer does at present with his old plough. The new plough of mine was very cheap. My countrymen could buy it with a little money. Then there was the flying cycle. It was a boon in congested cities like Delhi, Calcutta and Bombay. The flying cycle would take people to their office or places of business over the heads of the people.

Dream Metal Word Art for Indoors or Outoors by Steelhouettes

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There would be no traffic-jams. Just wind the machine and you fly up, up in the air, over the lofty building. There is no obstruction. There are no hold ups. Straight you go to the place of business and drop down like a shooting star from heaven. People talk of aeroplanes and helicopters. How very costly they are! And this bicycle, it would be very cheap and within the reach of an average Indian.

These inventions created a sensation in the world. People from across the seas come to me to register a patent of my inventions. They offered me a fortune. But what were these riches to a patriot working for the good of his country! I sent them away, refusing to have any dealings with them.


While I was doing this, my head struck against the window sill and I woke up with a start. I found that I was the same old Satish with a heap of books around me and the nightmare of the examination looking steadily at my face. I got up and got ready. What if any of those things came true! It would be wonderful indeed.

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